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Monday, February 13, 2017

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Alien Encounter in London , England on 1987-10-14 00:00:00 - Was grabbed from my bed, whilst asleep

I remember this event clearly as my middle sister was in labour with her first child. i was 21 at the time (there have many events prior and since this, but we can discuss this at a latter time) - i was in bed asleep when i suddenly woke up feeling afraid and fearful. all the lights in the street had gone off ever since i was a child, i have always had to have a light on to sleep. i looked out of my window and saw the whole town (for as far as i could see) was completely black - i panicked i had no source of light, my heart was racing - i went back to bed, closed my eyes and tried to sleep must have been 10-15 minutes later i heard a buzzing and a whirring sound i have heard this many times before and knew what was going to happen next. my body became ridged (even my tongue was ridged and numb - which i common this type of experience), i tried to move my body, but i was unable to move. i tried to call for help ( as my parents bedroom was nearby ) but i was unable to speak or open my mouth. suddenly there were hands grabbing my arms, legs and around my chest. i was thrusted into the sir and towards the ceiling. i tried to struggle free and cry out 'no! i don't want to go!' but i couldn't move and unable to speak or open my mouth. i remember going up and feeling the ceiling going through my body. - i can remember how it felt and it's texture. which really had to explain in written form. as i started to pass through the was suddenly released and fell back down through the roof and ceiling and landing hard onto my bed. the velocity was so great the my bedding flew up around me. in the morning, i told my late mother what had happened - there were no marks on my hand or legs. however, when we inspected my sternum there were clear finger marks. when my mother inspected my back there were 2 fingerprints (were my shoulder blades meet) that looked like thumbprints) i tried to reach my back to prove i couldn't touch the

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Credit: MUFON

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