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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Hemet, California on 2016-12-15 00:00:00 - Flying/hovering orbs of white/yellow light that occasionally glow red moving in ways that modern aircraft do not

December 2016 my friend called me saying that he saw ufos flying near his house. naturally i was skeptical about his claim but i have known him for nearly 20 years and and in that time i have never known him to be a liar. he told me that these lights he has seen near his house where he has lived for the past five years always came across as headlights to a car. while hanging out by the fire pit one day he actually paid attention to these lights and saw that these lights move in ways that a car with headlights does not move. immediately assuming these were lights from an airplane, i asked him if he was sure they weren't airplanes. he told me that airplanes do not move in this matter. soon after this i ended up moving in with him, and within the first two days of being there i sat outside with him all night and (soberly) observed these lights. i have seen drones fly. i have seen helicopters and airplanes fly. i have never until then seen anything aside from an insect or humming bird fly in this manner. let alone a "machine" that lights up. these are ufos. i began to tell some friends and family about this and they all just assumed that i lost my mind. when i told my girlfriend about it she even called me crazy, but she gave me a chance to show her and her kids. when they came we began to flash these lights with a couple of high powered flashlights and they flashed back the same sequence. i see these ufos in the same area every single night. these are real ufos. i am not crazy. i do not wear foil hats and go crazy on a bunch of government conspiracies. i have not included pictures of these lights because it only looks like headlights in the distance on a "shaky hand" recording. if you would like me to actually record this and send it to you, i will. but without a quality camera with night vision (which i do not have) it will not show much.

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Credit: MUFON

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