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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Cocoa, Florida on 2005-03-31 18:30:00 - No clouds, pink reflection off ufo caught my eye

April 2005, exactly 50 years to einsteins death. i know this 7fo caught my attention on purposen you all deleted this report i first 0laced in 2095n thats why im placing it again. i had a dream 15 years ago, jesus was in it, i delivered pizza to 420p citrus blvd, where jesus walks out staring in my eyes as he walks past ke, this address is in the middle of the route i see my first ufo, that how amazing these beings are fr imprinting these dreams years prior. im delivering pizza on canaveral groves blvd, i see a pink sphere in the sky, i watch ot for 6 seconds then look at the road and its gone, in a cloudless sky, it cloaked. i searched rest of delivery in the sky for thos object, i pass 4200 citrus go to date palm, and look in the sky, 747 entering same airpace, my mind says," thats why it cloaked!" i do endless reseaerch, study ufo, mutilations of cows and humans, while im running many mind tests, and telepathy tests of my own aka facebook jim morison, aka scott kelvin node, aka scott daniel patnode ive neen getting all muly information out for years,i need your help, they keep trying to hide mu info, so they can keep our planet enslaved i created an em drive device july 13 2014 i pisted on facebook, input was 1, out was 3-5, within a month or two nasa claims they created em drive. i complain and say i did, i got proif too, same night i create my em drive itl was thinking of disney monorail, same night a freak storm hits disney monorail with lightningn makes everyone walk off, for years ive felt my mind is in synch with our weather, the lightning and thunder follows my exact thoughts, ive focused my mind on sl8w moving clouds amd focused on purpose to make them move in the opposite direction, and they did, i used to cloud burst as a kud before knowing what it was. ive had contact also, ive had instances in bed, where sheets begin to tighten over youn while a comforting thought calms you, ive had things at night lightly walking on my chest ive growled at. ive had cd tacks get bumped in the middle of the night, when i live alone. ive had vaccluum cords get put under my coffee table when my back is tirned, my friends would doubt me, so i d ask the aliens to do the same to them, and within a week, my friends telling me , his aunt asked him to get the refridgerator off the vacuum cord. one night while swinging my right foot to fall asleep, something entered my mind, told me," swing your foot further!" i d8d, and my foit touched something, yet i keep nothing around my bed amd live alone i came out of the zone, and then answerd back with my tele0athyn" ill give you 2 minutes to leaven then im checking out my house!", i found nothing.. i shook vp george bush snr's hand at nellis afb in 82', he asked ke," do you know why you are here?" since i shook his hand and got his vibration and frequency, my aluen gods were able to spy on everything your govt does, as i did, remote viewingly. i used to question as a kid living in vegas what these high frequency pitch changes are?? my mind said, " it was from the monsters living under the pool!", but now 8 think about it, area 51 and dulca base were clise to me, i was picking up on the beings underground.. image post, i posted how i pisted about movie donnie darko, i ferl like main chatecter dodging deathn plane engine falls through his bedroom roof, then a week later i pist about abducted missing frederick valentich and ask the aliens to return frederick valentich who went misding on way to kings island, 2 days later a planes engines and passengers crash through mall roif on way to kings island, and an mh370 misding passenger is found alive after 2 years, i did ask for valentich, but got a passenger instead

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Credit: MUFON

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