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Saturday, February 11, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Pittsburg, Kansas on 2017-02-02 11:30:00 - Seen what appeared to be a ufo was in process of being transported on semi flatbed

On feb 2, 2017, i was heading east bound on highway 400 in pittsburg, ks. as i was going around the corner, i noticed on my left, parked on side road running parralel to highway 400, what appeared to be a ufo being transported on back of flatbed of semi. to the left of the parked semi, was a highway patrolman parked right next to semi facing highway 400. around the object, on the ground were orange cones as if it was a construction site. i then turned around and headed west bound to get anotger view just to see if what i thought i seen was true. it appeared to be perfect disc shape and appeared to be so big in size that it was hanging on side of flatbed. i then turned around once again heading east bound again but this time took pictures. this was approximately at 1130 hours cst. i then went to work trying to process what i had just seen. at approximately 2200 hours, i came back the same way to see if the objectbwas still there. it was, however this time it is dark and tge semi lights were on as if they were about to leave. also, now there are 2 highway patrolman and there was also a bright flashing light right on side of the object. to someone who has not seen this in daytime, will not be able to see at night because the light was so bright, it made it impossible to see the object at night as if they were hiding something. i started to investigate what i seen and there has been only 2 other reports of this incident. 1 report is supposedly a video from a year ago. since there were only one legit reporting, they are saying this could be a hoax. it is not. i seen it. which is why i am sending this. i would like to please know more about this incident if any other reports were made. attached photos will include 4 photos taken heading eastbound. all photos are sent as they were taken. you will need to zoom in. also attached, yoyou will find a couple screen shots of the other reporting.

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Credit: MUFON

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