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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Porto, Porto District on 2016-08-05 00:00:00 - Attempted contact through ce-5 - two hovering orbs appear above the mountain behind my house

I was sitting in my couch, in my living room attempting contact through the ce-5 process. when i initiated the meditation process (that i had never attempted before), i felt a slight pressure in the center of my forehead about the size of a coin. soon that pressure extended to my chest and stomach, all three seemingly vibrating in unison. after a while, i started visualizing something - silhouettes of bodies. i remember three in particular. one seemed just like us, only taller and wider shoulders, the others seemed like what we call "greys" and the last seemed weirder, "insectoid-like" beings. the only way i can explain this is that it felt the exact same as if when downloading an image on an internet browser, you select "always open after download". i felt completely safe and peaceful, as if i was being shown a family album filed with beings that i had never seen. upon finishing the meditation, i got up and went to my window, waiting to see if my attempt at establishing contact had received a reply. during this time i was wondering if all that i had seen was just the product of my imagination, inspiring itself on our expectations on how an alien would look like. a few minutes had passed and i was looking at my right side, when suddenly i felt the same pressure on my forehead and an urge to look towards my left. to my surprise, hovering over the mountain behind my house, there were two white orbs. one pulsed, the other blinked. i stood there, completely stunned, frozen in place. my mind rushed through the possibilities. planes don't hover, helicopters make noise (and there was no noise at all), cars don't float and nothing that i know can hover, blink and pulse light and be the size of a golf ball at that distance. in all the years i've lived here, i've never seen any lights like that in that location or anywhere, for that matter. i was slowly reaching the conclusion that there was no other explanation and so, i thought - "is it really you?" - and instantly, the orbs started blinking/pulsing at a much faster rate. needless to say that when this happened, i simply stood there in awe over what i was witnessing. i do not want to reach conclusions but i would be lying if i didn't say that it felt that they had not just responded to my contact attempt but that also, they were giving me an answer to a question that i did not verbalize, but rather thought. as far as the orbs, they simply disappeared as inexplicably as they appeared. after they left, i believe that i stood in front of my window for another five minutes or more, trying to make sense of what had just happened. at no point during my meditation or visualization of the orbs did i ever feel threatened, afraid or did i see anything that would justify that i would feel that way.

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Credit: MUFON

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