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Friday, February 24, 2017

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UFO Sighting in San Juan, San Juan on 1977-09-15 22:30:00 - I was returning home from friend's house with my 15 yr old daughter. i remember nothing after about 2 miles from her home ad found myself parked on the side of the road staring up at this object. it was as if we were hypnotized because we were so calm.

About how i got there from my friends' house. se lives near beach in isla verde. the last thing i remember was passing by a landmark (el último trole -"the last trolley") by the beach. next i was parked far away on the side of road #2; a busy main, 4 lane road . about 500 ft. above me was a craft. it looked like a very large jumbo plane, without wings nor windows, white and self illuminated. it had a straight white beam touching the ground and did not illuminate anything around me. it was just compact ad straight down. it did not touch my car. don't know how long i was there. then the object went straight up without any noise in a second. it flew across the sky to the left. it was bright white and about the size of venus. it stopped when it met with another star-like object and the flew off in a second towards ne, towards san juan, our capitol. they just disapeared. i don't remember getting back on the road. both my daughter and i were calm, as if in a daze. i turned right towards a road which is a shortcut to home. all of a sudden we saw a bright light light coming towards us. we both awoke from that daze and i started shaking so terribly that i could hardly keep my foot on the pedal. we both stared screaming and saying "they've come back for us!" we then noticed it was a plane. then calm returned and when we got home we went to bed and, strangely, did not talk about it for about a year later. it was as if it never happened and it had been wiped from our minds. i have had things happen since i was a little girl and through my adult life to the present. i have a scar on my right arm from an event when i was about 16 years old. i am a 77 year old great gandmother. other members of my mother's side have also experienced encounters too. well, that's it. there is so much more, but that's about as much as i'm writing. please keep me anonymous. i have read a lot and seen documentaries. i am terrified for my family and myself of the government's actions towards ordinary people like me. i am not interested in any sort of publicity. i just, after many, many years, decided i should tell my story, before i die, in case it can help others.

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Credit: MUFON

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