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Thursday, February 23, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Laredo, Texas on 2017-02-22 20:15:00 - Walking outside because i had finished praying asking for god to show me a sign of his presence. i noticed this once i walked onto my carport

I was at my residence in laredo texas. as i had mentioned i have become an avid prayer enthusiast based off of some past dreams and occurrences that i had gone through. some symbolic and spiritual in nature. i glanced at the sky south of my residence and noticed a flickering object towards mexico. it sparked my attention because it seemed big but it was not moving at all. at first, i was thinking it was a balloon of some sort. no plane at all because it was stationary. second look, i noticed a smaller object maneuvering at a high rate of speed around the orb. as it got closer to the orb, the orb appeared to open up and the smaller object seemed to have been engulfed by the larger orb. i have shown the video and the pics to several people who believe it to be the same thing as i, a portal of some sort. there was a historical image online that resembled the orb which was discovered in laredo as well. the two almost look identical. after taking several pictures and videos i went back in and came back out and it was still there in the same spot. the object then disappeared altogether. as the orb/portal began to cycle and spin very fast it appeared it was getting ready to move on. i am posting the picture as well as the picture of the orb or portal i took last night. i believe it to be a portal of some sort.

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Credit: MUFON

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