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Sunday, February 19, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Stanmore London , on 2017-02-18 18:47:00 - Sitting outside and looked up and saw the brightest light i have ever seen in the sky

I was sitting on my balcony at my home address having a coffee as i was drawn to go.Oitsoee and get some air i often watch the planes blinking and can hear them. we are on the heathrow flight path i think. i am from new zealand and adore the night sky back home but on london not so much as it is so light polluted. last night was particularly clear and i could see some tiny stars. i felt like it was very still and something was different. hard to explain. more of a sense. i looked to my right and saw the brightest lights so i just sat and watched. i realised it wasn't moving at all. just sitting there. i could see what looked like six lights surrounding the outside and with nothing solid in the middle. i kept thinking it was moving further back and then back to the original position but i wasn't sure. it would look like a brihht ball and then the lights were distinctive. i asked my husband to come outside as i wanted to make sure i wasn't imagining it. i asked him to look and he immediately said oh my god that's so brihht and it looks like a bunch of the brightest stars. he kept asking me if i thought i was changing shape and i was relieved it wasn't just me. the planes were flying past and i realised that where the pkanes were meant the object was much higher than the planes. it made no noise. i decided to try and take some photos with my iphone. i took a couple and then zoomed in and realised that it might be something different to what i was seeing. my logical brain was telling me it was a weather balloon or a satellite but i couldn't quite believe it was as somehow i just knee it wasn't. the object moved to the right slowly slowly as i had to move along my balcony and lean out whereas when i first saw it i was seated but it didn't move quickly or even look like it was moving - more like it was just quietly sitting and hovering. i felt mesmerised and fascinated and for some reason extremely happy yet emotional. i cried like somehow it knew i was watching and i felt good about that. that makes me sound like a total crazy person and i assure you i'm not. i don't have a better camera so only have my iphone so did the best i could. when it mover further back it became more of a ball of brihht brihht light and then when it came closer i could see all the lights on the outside. i watched it until.Thr lights just suddenly went out and i watched for another ten or so minutes but it didn't come back. it was like it turned its lights off and just vanished. i have never seen anything like it in my life. i can't compare it to anything.

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Credit: MUFON

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