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Friday, February 10, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Lilesville, North Carolina on 2017-02-07 17:45:00 - Blue light which separated into blue and white lights (orbs).

Sitting on the porch of some family property at approx 5:45pm when i noticed a blue ball of light directly north of me traveling west to east just above the tree line approx 1+ miles from me. there is a cell tower on the opposite side of the river (pee dee) and the light passed in front of the tower as i made sure to make sure i noticed this as it passed. i observed the light continue in an easterly direction until it passed out of site behind the tree line to the west only to see it reappear due east of me now traveling to the south. as it passed into a clear section (no trees) i observed a second slightly larger object, white in color flying just underneath the blue object but equal in speed. both continued south until both were out of site. object /s made no sound and did not strobe or flash. had they been aircraft i would have heard them for sure as they were close enough to hear. fort bragg is about 40 miles to the east and we frequently get military aircraft flying over the property at very low altitudes (less than 500 feet) black hawk, apache, c130.

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Credit: MUFON

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