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Friday, February 3, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Barrington, Illinois on 2017-02-02 23:00:00 - Star like, hovered, up, down, circles, angles. white flashes of light around it. blue trails of light and sometimes orange red flashes in 2 different spots.

I went out for a smoke and i was looking at the sky as it was a clear night and a really bright "star"caught my attention. surprised to notice it was moving in tight circles and then side to side, up, down and at strange angles. i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. i woke up my boyfriend to look also. i was watching in fascination as it bobbled around and hovered. it almost seemed like it was being pulled like a puppet on a string or a hummingbird. it would move in tight circles , up then down, hover, and at strange angles. it would hover for a bit then bobble around and then ascend again. then flashes of light which looked like stars appeared sporadically around it. i also noticed electric blue trails of light coming off it occasionally. they were very fine, almost beaded looking. i then saw white flashes of light(like stars), to the right of the object. the general direction is east. then a flash of red/orange light came from that direction but it seemed diffused looking. a similar red/orange flash came off the original object but with less intensity. my thoughts were is that they were fighting with each other. the first object , i noticed also remained very still as planes were passing by like it was playing opossum. the object was under the passing planes initially and ended up above the planes over the course of my viewing. it then just stayed there hovering. this sighting was between 11 pm and 12:39 am on february 2, 2017.

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Credit: MUFON

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