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Monday, February 27, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Nordegg, Alberta on 2015-08-26 23:30:00 - We saw a hovering light on a craft that was shining a spotlight on the mountainside which went out and reappeared on the other side of the lake. a much smaller fiery orange light flew across the lake going out once it had reached the other craft.

I was out camping with two friends at abraham lake and we were chilling by the campfire (not drinking) when one of my friends spotted a bright light coming from behind a boulder to the north of us. he jumped up to check it out but it had dissapeared. about 20min later around 12 he saw it again and we ran over to the boulder. hovering about 100 feet off the water just off the shore was a light that was about double the size and brightness of a car headlight. we know this because at first we thought it might be a car or flashlight because it was dark and foggy and we thought it might be on the road. that changed when we saw a car drive by which was significantly to the left, with much dimmer lights. since it was foggy it was difficult to make out the outline of the craft but we were able to clearly see where the light was being directed. the light was spotlighting the mountain and we could see the beam move as it was constantly redirected. the craft itself was completely silent and made strange hovering motions. basically it was able to move and stop with incredibly precise movement and almost no acceleration/deceleration. we watched it for about 5 min and then the light went out and we couldn't make anything out anymore. at this point,being quite overwhelmed but skeptical we started discussing what had just happened, proposing possible explanations. airplane was quickly ruled out due to the hovering, car was ruled out because we witnessed a car drive by to compare it to, our main thought was that it could be a helicopter, but that even seemed unlikely as there the movements were off and there was no sound. (there were tourism helicopters constantly in the area, and you can hear them from 4+ km away easily). as we were discussing, i spotted a light through the trees on the south end of the lake. because there was land and trees in the way we climbed on top of the boulder to make sure and there it was. we stayed there for about 20 min until we decided to get closer. we checked if anyone had a functioning cell phone but everyone's phone was dead (because camping). then we walked around the trees that were in our way and continued observing for the next 2 hours.The spotlight was still directed and moving across the mountains, but we started noticing some fainter, smaller lights on the craft that weren't super visible because of the fog. one was orange- red on the left side of the craft and there was other tiny greenish ones that appeared very sporadically between the orange and main white light. there was also a sporadically flashing red light above the other two,forming a triangle. suddenly, a smaller but very bright orange fiery light flew with incredible speed from the se side (across) of the lake towards the main craft and went out once it reached it. about 10min later a fireball ejected from the top of the craft and burned out as it arced over the craft. awhile after this happened the main super bright light flashed twice and went out. it was then replaced by a slightly dimmer but equally large orange light which started flashing in no particular pattern. at this point we were feeling brave enough that we took a headlight and flashed twice at it. the orange light flashed twice back. to make sure it wasn't chance we attempted again with a different amount of flashes which it once again repeated to us. the main light then switched back on and the spotlight was directed above us where it slowly scanned down in a flat beam of light towards where we were standing. as this happened we were so freaked out we were shaking and holding on to each other and even crouching as the light approached us. the spotlight was then shut off (not even scouting out the mountains) but the main light remained with no additional activity until we eventually got tired and left it still hovering (not moving anymore) in the sky. the only odd thing we noticed towards the end was that the light seemed to almost slip up the hillside towards the road, but it was a continuous trick of the eye because it never really moved although it seemed to be. i feel like this could have a possible explanation though due to the conditions (lack of visibility) and fatigue. still worth noting though. we left to go to bed around 2am.

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Credit: MUFON

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