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Friday, February 17, 2017

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UFO Sighting in La Crosse, Wisconsin on 2017-02-17 01:08:00 - Dangling pods with blinking lights deployed from tall metallic craft(s?)

I retired at 1am and looked out of the bedroom balcony glass doors and saw three lights in a row horizontally low in the westward sky which should have been without any lights as it is a large marsh area with no buildings for miles. i wasn't able to get the lights to focus well while trying to capture video with my iphone 7 so i tucked the dog into his bed on the floor between my bed and the glass doors. i opened the curtains just a few inches to see if the lights had moved but was distracted by a twinkling star high in the northwestern sky yet it felt a bit close to be a star. thinking it was a drone i took some close up photos on my iphone using hdr and the live feature which make tiny moving photos of hat makes sense. the resolution is amazing as most of the detail i captured was not visible with the naked eye. what i captured made me feel very uncomfortable and panicky as i took video and still photos of what looked like drones with lights hanging from large dark sheets of fabric or something very tall and wide. upon looking at my photos the sheets look more like metal extensions of something and there seem to be several of these units in the background of some of the photos. a hum and buzzing sound accompanied the apparent coming and going of little metal balls and boxes hat floated around low in he sky just across the street from me. i've heard this noise before almost constantly after retiring for bed in the early am most nights. the dog reacts when the humming gets louder or closer to our home. there was also a loud bang on our chimney which we have heard before a few times early in the am in recent weeks. it wasn't windy last night and there is little wildlife around us. also, i've been noticing shadows on the balcony and what has seemed to be lights shining down from over our house over the last few weeks. i've actually got a few weeks of photos and videos taken recently that have yet to be evaluated however last night i took 72 stills and 4 videos on my iphone before finally turning my back to the glass doors (which are covered with sheer curtains) and finally falling asleep around 3:45am. i felt afraid last night because some of whatever was floating around and blinking seemed to make moves closer to my home. with a clang on the house and the dog reacting all night i can't say i'm not contemplating getting something more than my pellet pistol to protect myself. from what, however, i can not seem to determine exactly but one of the photos shows something that resembles a helmet with dark visor and weird tentacles or arms with holes at their ends , like double barrels and also lights. this is awful to have to see and hear and i want to find assistance in evaluating this which occurs almost every night.

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Credit: MUFON

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