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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Imnaha, Oregon on 1976-07-01 00:00:00 - Saw ufo very shiny at the mouth of crazyman hovering by powerlines at the mouth of crazyman. them " you need to come here". me "i can't they are waiting for me." time gone 45 mins. no

My husband had brought back a truck load of wild horses from southern oregon. we had them locked up in the old saw mill and were castrating some stallions. we had to use several ropes to subdue them. a rope broke and i went back to the barn to retrieve a new one approx 1/4mi away. trisha and i walked thru the pasture to the barn and back towards the sawmill on the road. we had just gone thru the barb wire gate by the sawmill when i saw this incredibly shiny oval object just hanging in the air partway up the canyon wall on the north side of crazyman creek. i pointed it out to trisha who was 13 yrs. she didn't seem interested at all and headed on to the sawmill. years later when i asked her about the ufo she had no recollection. i can still see it so so shiny like it would reflect the sky and hide itself. the sun was reflecting off the craft and it was like a shiny i'd never seen. hot white shiny. there are major power lines that come down crazyman and cross the imnaha river at this point. it was almost like the were up against the canyon wall trying to capture the electrical energy of the wires. they communicated telepathically say "you need to come here". i replied in my mind "i can't they are waiting for me. next thing i remember i am several yards from the sawmill. when i entered harry was a bit angry and wanted to know where i had been. this episode triggered so many things. recalling the footsteps i'd hear come down the hall and dark figures peeking around the bedroom door when i was a child. feeling restrained and not being able to move out of pure fear. some experiences i wonder were they real or dreams. white fireballs falling in a line outside the cabin along with "them" telling me to stay. keeping me somewhat a captive in my own home. you may call me crazy but these haunt me to this day. an alien/,human baby lying in the middle of the trail on saddlecreek down in hells canyon. naked and curled in a fetal position. it's skin almost a thin grayish, taunt. just laying there. i knew instinctively it was mine. i was told to pick it up. i remember being fearful because it did not look completely human. very thin. long limbs and leathery grayish white skin. i dont remember holding the baby. but i believe they wanted me to hold and love it because their children were not thriving. they had become so cerebral they didn't love like we do and there race was in jeporday because of that. oh the stories could go on and on. my son was started his encounters when he was about 3 years old. he was frighten of the lil white men in his closet and spots of blood moon his pillow from his nose. he told me dreams of them going out his window. he was very afraid of them. as he grew up he would dream of things before they happened. car accidents. deaths. he and i talked in length. agreed aliens are very prominent in our thinking. always vigilant. always. looking and a lil on edge. when he was 23 he became incredibly ajitated with life. began having visions. and very strange events. would watch the nite sky for ufos. and detailed elaborated flight movement. halo graphic images he could see thru yet communicate with. they wanted him to join them. told him he could help save humanity. they drove him crazy. because i understood some of his events he thought i could make them stop. leave him alone. that i must be a leader of sorts or in cahoots with them and know more than i was telling him. he just wanted to b left alone. his distrust became so intense that one day he trapped me in my bedroom. told me he had to kill me. that they had taken over my mind/ body. called me the queen. he stabbed me in the chest burying a 15" carving knife. he then commuted suicide. i know you think i'm nuts but i think the aliens harnessed my son to the point of death. this is just some of what we have encountered.

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Credit: MUFON

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