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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Agawam, Massachusetts on 1984-11-15 18:00:00 - I was coming home from bratz basketball practice or game father mother and brother in the car i saw from the front window the side window and the rear window

I was coming home from a basketball practice or game. the team i was playing for was called the agawam auto parts. the game was at agawam junior high school which has a winding road which leads up to it much like that of a snake. the game was over. i was sitting behind my father it was night time but there seem to be some light still in the sky but not much. i could see something strange over his shoulder meeting my father. then i saw the ufo approaching it was just shaped like a saucer. i was in shock or very surprised. instantaneously like a young child i thought to myself this is a ufo. been out the back seat passenger window it got very close and very clear i asked everybody in the car do you see that do you see that? it seemed like no one else could see it but i saw it plain as day. the lights blinking underneath the sauce it reminded me of the child's game simon i had gotten for christmas one year. it was slow-moving and it didn't make a sound it was it if time it stopped. our car seem to be moving very very slow. and the ufo seem to be moving very very very slow. it dropped an altitude and was very low maybe 25 feet off the ground at its lowest point. the change direction a little period slightly i washed it through the rear-view window of my father's impala going away from us over the school. i knew what i had saw. it's so vivid in my mind even 30 years later but it's as plain as day in my mind's eye and i knew my mind wasn't playing tricks on me. i think about it often but if cold almost literally nobody. and to this day i've always thought when people chalk that up to a government aircraft that this ufo made absolutely no sound it moves so deliberately and gracefully through the air as if it had command over all the laws of gravity and physics that this world has. it is so vivid in my mind i think of it so often and felt the need to share it with others

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Credit: MUFON

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