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Friday, February 24, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Ely, Minnesota on 1978-07-15 00:00:00 - I was in 4th grade. our family was camping. there was a severe thunder storm. i called for help with a walkie talkie. saw 4-5 bluish small "people" with large black eyes. they seemed to provide medical exam and cut down 4 trees. left circle burn on ground

My family was camping on an island in lake kabetogema, in northern minnesota. there was a severe thunder storm with lightning strikes very close and frequent. i called for help using a walkie talkie. reached a human service person (forest service?) who could provide no assistance due to the storm severity, remoteness of the site, and late night hour. i think lightening hit our tent. i had burned hair near the base of my neck. sometime during the night 4-5 small bluish somewhat apparition-like beings entered the tent. they did "rectal probes" on me and my family (4 people total). they explained this was a medical exam. i'm not sure where the dog was at this time. four trees were cut down and places around the perimeter of the tent. a 6 foot ? approximately-burn/bake circle was left on the ground with a fresh, crisp looking edge. (different than a fire ring). the tree cuts were very smooth, no saw dust. sometime that morning i saw a large (8-10 feet tall) pink colored apparition-like man, no clothes but no body details visible. i recall this presence was reassuring and comforting. some other encounters followed for a year or so. beings visited and talked to me in our family home. i once was pulled into the air from our deck. my parents grabbed me and i grabbed a tree. it felt like something was "sucking" me into the air. i heard someone say i would be dropped from a great height and crushed on a tree. previous to this i had communicated to hostile-feeling beings that they could land on a cloud, they may have died attempting to do this. it seemed like a revenge type of threat was happening. my impression was that these were different entities, reptile like people, large, male. 3-4 appeared in the house where i gave them a tour and they ate some food and beer. they disappeared suddenly. one appeared sick, with scales peeling or "fluffed" out. he seemed to recover a bit from eating tang drink mix. i kept one skin "scale" from these beings but this was removed from the house by men in black suits. i seemed to have further "telepathic" type communication with some beings for a time. they could appear and leave instantly.

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Credit: MUFON

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