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Saturday, February 11, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Savannah, Missouri on 2017-02-10 20:07:00 - *u.F.O.* documented at (feb,10th 2017 @ 20:07 pm) check this craziness out our motion detector cameras 🎥 caught this ufo moving at speeds that far surpasses any military tech and moving under intelligent control, and after the fact animals went cr

*u.F.O.* documented at (feb,10th 2017 @ 20:07 pm) omg.. check this out our infrared motion detector cameras 🎥 caught this ufo moving at speeds that far surpasses any military technology and moving under intelligent control and after the fact the dogs, coyotes and farm animals in the area were clearly disturbed by the anomaly and just to top it off it just happens to be my mothers birthday today what are the odds. 👽 i am a proud military police us army veteran and never thought id be one to encounter such an event take place in my life time, the truth is out their and i witnessed it first hand on this great day february 10, 2017 at 20:07hrs and to top it off it happens to be my very blessed mothers birthday who got to witness this great event as well she has battled cancer as well and for her to be able to witness something like this, that makes history and is truly a blessing for her and myself. :) the universe is truly a great place with endless possibility's always keep your mind open because you just might miss something great that's staring you right in the face... truly a blessed day that i'll never forget. so ill cut to the chase, last night after a nice time with the family of some netflix and chill time my farther was preparing to head out to my grandfathers well with it being a nice evening for a change we had the front and back screen doors open to get some fresh air, well as my farther was getting ready to head out my mother and i noticed a-lot of commotion outside with the animals, my neighbors cows & horses were annoying and acting as if their were being spooked or knowing something bad was coming and just as my mom and i were seeing my dad off the coyotes were screaming up a storm which was weird for the timing and all during the same time frame we were having issues with our phones, network and other electronic devices acting up with a couple flickers of the electricity as my dad was heading to the garage door to take off, a that moment my dog sassy was giving me a couple of yelps so i naturally took her out to do her business and at that moment when i stepped outside i felt most uneasy the air was clearly statically charged and with a weird musk to the air as if a big spring time thunderstorm was going to occur, it also gave me that eerie feeling like ive been working in the sun for a long period of time, so as i get sassy inside my phone prompts me of a motion detection at the back door so i rushed to the garage door to see what the detection was and to my surprise ive witnessed something that will forever make me see this world in a different light, as a man of science i believe it is only fair to show you what i witnessed i hope this shared knowledge will help some bright minds out their one day solve life's greatest mysteries, never forget knowledge is power.

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Credit: MUFON

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