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Friday, February 24, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Mazeppa, Minnesota on 2017-02-20 20:30:00 - Very bright fast object much larger than plane lights flew in straight line then just stopped

Outside enjoying a few minutes of beautiful weather on my front porch i looked to the north west. i saw what appeared to be a plane headed due south out of the minneapolis area airport (we see a lot of them). moving fast, very fast. then just stopped. at first i thought it was turning or climbing, but after watching for 5-10 minutes it's position had not changed. in between me and the object a helicopter flew over - it's lights were pin pricks compared to the light given off by the object many more miles in the distance. in addition, i could see several other planes coming out of the minneapolis area and even though several passed closer to me their lights were much smaller and more distinguishable. planes to the west, further beyond the object could be seen to be turning or changing altitude. i watched for about 20 minutes until i was needed back inside. i returned 2-3 times and the object remained in the same location. about 4 times later - approx. 45 minutes after the first sighting the object was gone. nothing to be seen in any direction even though i walked out and looked all around from the yard.

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Credit: MUFON

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