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Thursday, February 23, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Minneapolis, Minnesota on 2017-02-20 21:25:00 - Bright blue orb flashed twice with rumble & whoosh, knocked out power, out 2 hours

At 10:30pm on feb. 20, 2017, i received a phone call from a woman who said she lives in south minneapolis. the following is a transcript of my handwritten notes: she had been sitting on her couch in her living room, with her back to the picture window which faces west, when a bright blue light filled the room and she heard a loud rumbling, like thunder. [there were no storms in the area.-wim] she heard a noise like a metallic “whoosh”, and the power went off. then the power came back on, and there was another bright blue light, and a second “whoosh”, and the power went off again. (one of the sounds was like “inside a washing machine”.) she wondered briefly if a nuclear bomb had gone off. it was pitch black inside the house. she ran outside, and “all of the neighbors” ran outside also. one of the neighbors said a blue orb to the west had “sucked all the light out of the neighborhood.” a man driving by in a car stopped, said he had seen a blue orb, and the neighbor lady from across the street recorded his account of what he had seen. the lady next door south came out and said, “i saw it, it was a big, blue orb”. sirens were heard, apparently from police or fire vehicles racing elsewhere. a police car came and stopped; the officer said he had seen it from several blocks away; he indicated he was frightened by it, and asked if everyone was okay. to summarize, four people, including the police officer, said they had seen a blue (some said green) orb to the west. cell phones were also “out, in emergency mode”. i asked the witness when this had occurred, and she said she had phoned a friend just after it happened, and she checked her phone and found she had made the call at 9:25pm. the witness’ children, who had been asleep for 45 minutes, were awakened by the light and the noise. firefighters showed up at 9:30pm. the power company (excel energy?) came into the alley behind (east of) the witness’ house. a cable of multiple wires had broken and was down. the witness asked what was going on but the workers were “protective” and gave no informative answers. there was no tree or anything else near the broken cable to account for the breakage. the electricity came back on about two hours later. the area of the outage included chicago ave and park ave. the witness said, “yesterday, i was at my friend’s apartment in downtown minneapolis, on the 10th floor overlooking the city, and she said she had seen a big blue halo in the sky. [looking south?] per the witness, someone on “redit” asked “what was the green [glow?] over uptown?” i told the witness i would like to visit the neighborhood. she wants to know if this event left radiation. the witness asked me to let her know what i conclude about the case.

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Credit: MUFON

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