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Thursday, February 2, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Springdale, Arkansas on 2016-02-13 00:00:00 - Enormous rectangular contrail made by very thin bright orange chevron flew over town

February 2016 in springdale, arkansas was uncommonly warm. i was walking at one of the local parks the first week of the month and noticed the frogs had hatched and were chirping in the old homestead pond there. the following weekend, i went for another walk there, the field had dry, cut, old hay meadow and it was around 65-70 degrees, i was in shorts and a hoodie and decided to lay down. it was afternoon, there were only a few clouds in the sky, and the sun was behind me but it was still too chilly to lay in the shade cast by the trees. i had my feet to the north and my ball cap crooked down toward my nose to see the few clouds to the east north east and the hawks that were out for a flight in the premature springtime peace. i had been there a while, had a talk on the phone, not quite long enough for a nap, when i noticed off to the east north east a cloud that was getting bigger. it caught my attention. we have a lot of planes crossing over the middle of the country here, and the planes departing the local regional airport were leaving my field of view without producing contrails. the planes that were way up there at 35 or 40,000 feet were producing contrails, which would dissipate after about 30 seconds to a minute. at arms length those cruising altitude planes' contrails were just barely the size of the skin between my thumb fingernail and the edge of my finger, and some of the planes had two, while others had four contrails. all normal, planes as usual... well, the cloud that seemed to be getting bigger way off to the ene was way below 40,000 feet. after sitting up and measuring with my arm outstretched, it started at maybe 30 degrees above the horizon. that's about the same angle or altitude as passenger planes coming in on approach to land at the regional airport when they are that far out. i initially thought it was a cloud, then a plane, then a plane in trouble with smoke billowing out, like it was going to crash and it was heading right toward me! i could not see any plane however, only the cloud getting bigger and longer. the speed of this cloudy object seemed faster than any of the jets on approach, more like a fighter jet at an airshow kinda speed. as it got closer i could see that was producing an enormous contrail, take a regular, single contrail and stack four on top of one another then multiply that by eight or twelve lengthwise, at least! the normal contrails were that sliver of skin wide at arms length, but by the time the object was almost over head this thing's contrail was as wide as both of my thumbs from the second joint to the tip put together lengthwise (like two thumbs-up put together and held sideways). the contrail was a solid rectangle of white billowy contrail exhaust, like a well formed square edged rectangular column, not rolling not swirling not expanding not contracting not round tubes.. it was a solid rectangle column of smoke. the contrail stayed solid, at an altitude of maybe 15,000 feet from one edge of the horizon to the other when it exited my field of view, for at least 20 minutes, i could still see remnants of it when i was driving home 30 minutes later. now....The object. the thing producing this massive contrail was a sliver of brilliant orange. almost hurt my eyes to look at it, it was that kind of bright. it was a very thin chevron, at arms length, when the orange chevron was almost overhead, the widest part of the chevron, the horizontal width, from front leading edge to tail at its midpoint was barely the same width as the piece of skin between my thumbnail and the side edge of my finger. from the midpoint to the outer edge of the chevron, the lateral length, it tapered to a sharp point just to the edge of the contrail, which was the about the length of my thumb tip to the second joint, and double that from end to end. i could see no vertical thickness of the chevron, and it was very defined along its edges, straight lines. the angle of the tail edge was around 170 degrees after looking at a protractor, with the lead edge maybe 165. the gap between the chevron and the contrail was less than the chevron's widest part. and that was it- i could see no plane! i could see no wings! i could see no structure that was producing the contrail! i could only see this thin, super bright, super sharp, wide angled chevron leading this two story 8-room apartment building size contrail! no sound, ever, through the 5 to 10 minutes it took to go from the ene horizon, to just a mile north from overhead, making a gentle flat turn over town, then off to the nnw horizon. i'd say it was coming in from the direction of st.Louis and heading toward wichita, and made it's turn over springdale. it was easily less than half the altitude of the planes that were making contrails up high, and under the clouds that i could see. never a sound. never saw anything other than the chevron and the contrail. i called the local airport, not the regional, but they said they couldn't tell me anything. i have spent a year thinking about it, wondering why i don't report it, it has bothered me that no one else i have talked to saw it. the contrail was huge, absurdly noticeable, it should have been on the news, caused accidents, something. i have seen military jets playing over springdale before, making wide curves, leaving big contrails and exhaust plumes as they chased each other... this thing was way bigger than any fighter at that altitude and seemed at least as wide as two a380 side by side and stacked two high. i felt like the chevron might, or must, have been just the firey exhaust jet coming out the back of something that was invisible. no weird shiny heat ripples, nothing, just a super bright chevron, followed by a giant contrail, fast as a jet, low altitude. i saw it, i know i saw it, wide awake, no hallucinogens, no beer, and at least one other walker that was out there at the park that day saw it, he was staring at it the whole time too. anyway, i feel better now that this is out, and i really hope the owners of mufon aren't just coopted government shills. this world, our people, this whole thing we call reality and life and our future could do some much more, things could be better, if this type of information was shared instead of just becoming another national security interest.

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