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Friday, February 24, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Las Vegas, Nevada on 1976-03-31 00:00:00 - Saucer shaped with baby saucer decending from it tethered by beam of light

It was 1976 i believe when my sister, wife, and friend were on our way to bowling league night when we noticed a white light shaped like a saucer hovering over mnt. charleston west of las vegas nv. when we turned the corner onto stewart ave we notice approximately 8 to 10 other cars pulled off the side of the road watching the same light. we pulled over and joined the others. everyone was excited and pumped. several wanted to exchange names and handshakes stating that we were experiencing something that may be a life changing or life long memory together. i immediately told the others in my group to stay with the other people on the side of the road while i drove back to my house to call nellis afb to report it. we didn't have cell phones in those days and i only lived approximately one mile away. when i got home and called the base, the operator at the base answered the phone saying :if you are calling about the ufo, we already know and are scrambling jets as we speak: i said thank you, hung up and returned to the others. when i got there, the light was still there at which time it had a baby white saucer slowly drop down from the large one attached by a beam of light as if it was tethering from the mother saucer. it descended down what looked to be maybe a hundred feet, then moved the same distance to the north and then again dropped down the same distance. all the time still connected to the light tether that remained in the same path it took to get where it was. at that time we heard the nellis jets roaring very loud as they took off in the direction to the ufo. at the jets were headed that way, the baby saucer very slowly followed the light beam tether back up to the mother or large saucer as if it was going into the bottom of it where it descended from. as the jets got where i would guess was 3/4 of the distance to the saucer, the light slowly dissipated. we all gave one another hugs on the side of the road, got in our vehicles respectfully and drove off. there was very little mention on the news the next day other than there was several reports of strange lights last evening over mount charleston. when i mentioned it to others they just blew it off by saying maybe it was the military doing red flag training or something. its been many year ago and i've always wanted to tell some one about it and there it is. my ex wife has since passed away, i've lost tough with my other friend that was with us and my sister lives in rhode island and i'm now in south texas. my sister remembers the incident very well and agreed that i should tell you my story. thanks for reading this and i like what yall do on hanger 1. cheers

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Credit: MUFON

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