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Saturday, February 18, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in South Hadley, Massachusetts on 2017-02-18 20:01:00 - East of orion belt.2 triangles pulsating. as if they are communicating with each other.

My brother told me there are 2 ufo triangles pulsating. i went outside at 8:01and saw what he was saying.I saw 2 triangles in the sky to the right of orions belt and continue over to where you see 2 bright looking stars.Very bright. look in between.Triangles are there pulsating redish lights.The outline of the triangles are noticeable. pay close attention and you will see the pulsating pattern that looks as the triangles are talking to each other.Now i checked on these throughout out night. 8:01and 930pm.Still doing same thing.1130ish pm still there pulsating and seemed if it jumped positions in sky.Only 1 was hopping around with was the triangle on right.The left triangle was still in same spot. i went out at 5ish am and the clouds covered the sky...True siting on february 18 2017...South hadley mass. ...

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Credit: MUFON

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