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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Hemet, California on 2017-02-11 17:22:00 - Clear day clear sky, 100s of birds flew towards area prior to sighting, object moved n then s then n

11 feb 2017 1. outside on a clear day with no clouds and no visible stars. 2. i was throwing a ball in the air with my children when we noticed 100s of birds (seagulls specifically) flying southwest and remarked on how odd it was. after a couple hundred flew past, a large number of them begin circling in the southwest sky. as the birds dispersed and continued their path southwest, a golf ball sized very bright white object appeared very slowly from the south and held position. it rose and fell in elevation very slightly and with the naked eye appeared blueish white. 3. as a result of the prior days 3-way lunar event with the comet, snow moon,and eclipse, i thought it was still the comet visible. but as it moved, there was no tail like a comet and its progression was not steady as a comet's. 4. when observed through a telescope, the object could be seen to be a white orb, with what appeared to be a white ring around it which constantly spun around the craft. also when viewed with the telescope, white, red, and blue light could be seen being emitted from the object. very subtly it moved north in the sky, then back south, before finally north again. 5. at first, doubt, i could not believe what i was seeing. then humbled to know despite many attempts at cover ups, the truth it out there and it might just be as curious about us as we are about it. it left me wanting to know/understand more. 6. i observed this behavior for six hours with it mostly remaining still. around 2300 hours that night i went out to check again and it was gone. 12 feb 2017 1. outside intentionally looking for the object which appeared in the sky around 1645 hours, quite close to its arrival time the previous day. 2. the birds were once more circling in the southwest sky, this time, while the object was present, then (the birds) dispersed to the southwest. 3. as the result of a website attempting to explain it away as a us navy launched test missile, i considered the possibility that may have been true. 4. much as the day before, it was hovering and emitting the same color lights. 5. determination, i really want to know what this object is. 6. at around 1800 hours, the object entered a cloud structure and when the cloud blew past, the object was gone. 13 feb 2017 ~no sighting~ 14 feb 2017 ~no sighting~ 15 feb 2017 1. while driving as a family to the grocery store, the object was spotted by my wife, which was then observed by myself and children as well. tonight it was situated in the southwest sky, centered above a radio tower off of florida avenue/ california state highway 74. 2. it was the only light in that section of the sky. 3. an unidentified flying object of foreign origin which was not constructed by humans. 4. while mostly stationary, the object descended what seemed like inches to the naked eye. a white glow surrounded the object. and then the object returned to just being the brightest thing in the sky, no longer pulsating or emitting irregularly. 5. i feel like it knows it is being watched, just as i feel it is watching us. i just wish i knew why and could get a solid answer. 6. currently, the time is 2004, and it is in the sky as i write this report. misc: during any time the object was present, i was able to take pictures with my cell phone, but i was not able to send them to anyone as i was trying to share and get peoples' eyes in the sky.

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Credit: MUFON

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