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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Azusa, California on 2017-02-01 19:30:00 - Ascended from below roofs and trees from hills, looked like clouds or trash bag. turned into 3 rotating orbs and went east and up. then just up till it disappeared.

I was standing outside grabbing a smoke and noticed what looked like a garbage bag caught in an updraft. it ascended from the new and moved east slowly. it was reflecting white, but was transparent at the same time. it was right in front of my field of view, so i couldn't not notice it. there wasn't any wind though, so i followed it's path trying to figure out what it was. because it was night and the object was behind buildings and trees, i couldn't get a grasp on size. for me though, it's if you hold your fingers apart half an inch and then extend your arm in front of you. it was pretty visable. it seemed to travel in a wide, slow curve moving se then east. it produced no noise and was very fluid and smooth. when it started to move east, it changed shape. it was clear. and very fast but again, fluid. it turned into 3 wide ovals circling each other. it changed from white transparent to a dull red orange, though i'm not sure it wasn't just the reflection of street lights on it. the ovals moved clockwise horizontally at a consistent speed. slow enough to see the smoothness of the spheres. it looked like a shiny metallic surface. it never stopped moving, but it picked up speed after this, moving east and up. and it went up ultimately, until it looked like a plane. but it still had a red orange glow which suggests it's own light source. it got smaller and smaller till i couldn't see it anymore. hmm. for time i'd say the ascent in plastic bag/cloud form took about 40 seconds or more and when it changed shape it took off shortly after. so 20-30 seconds from change to it moving faster. when it started going up higher, that took roughly 15 seconds and then it was gone. still can't wrap my head around seeing this, but man... i got lucky.

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Credit: MUFON

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