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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Heemstede, Noord-Holland on 1963-08-31 00:00:00 - Flew over 180 degrees from n to e over me in the dark. could be no plane

On a sudden moment i saw an silver shining object (sorry , i'm dutch, english is my second language)come above the horizon in the west when it was dark in the eveningh. i started to watch how the shining thing climb higher from a far distance. first i was thinking to a comet or meteor but the object did have no trail and climb higher all over the horizon so i keep following it. it made a 180 degrees parabolic flighht. a plane was in the sixties (1963.) not commmon on that place and if it was a plane that was lightened by the sun that was not possible becoase the sun cannot follow a plane 180 degrees and shine to the belly of a plane all the time. also there was no sound. on school whe learned about comets and meteors but i understand this was very different. for years i did not speake to anyone about this event. when i put a message on the internet 2 years ago or people wanted to read what i see that time a lot people asked me to do so. i wrote so exactly as possible in my own language this event and the comment's i got where all like : what a story, you have seen something remarkeble and no negative comment's. why i contact you is becoause on the discovery science channel in holland is now a program named : close encounters. with many different stories and subject and on a sudden moment i see your name. i gooled mufon and found this site. i hope you contact me, i know it was 50 year ago but still have not one clue what i see. also on the tv nothing lookes on what i have seen. i don't make this story for fake but i did i'm still curious about thhis event. have a nice day; jaap van roosmalen

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Credit: MUFON

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