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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Oxford, Mississippi on 1970-04-10 00:00:00 - Slightly reflective brown cylinder with rounded ends having a long single window showing yellowish evenly-distributed light. two human-like persons standing next to each other were backlit at the window. hovered about 15 ft. over brown hall.

This event happened my freshman year at the university of mississippi. it was a cloudless april day in 1970, and i lived on-campus in brown hall dormitory. i had arranged for a dorm-mate to give me a ride to an off-campus apartment. the dorm-mate was already in the car as i left the dormitory rear door to the parking lot. i walked in a westerly direction to her car, and as i reached the passenger side of the car, i saw in my peripheral vision something apparently falling from the sky over the dorm. i did not hear anything. i reflexively ducked and turned my head to look at what was happening. the "falling" object stopped falling and remained in the air about 15 feet above the dorm. the dorm is three stories high. i did not initially mistake it for something known to me, like a helicopter. i knew immediately that it was something that i had never seen. the hovering craft was smooth, plain brown, about 100 feet long, and about 20 feet high. the top and bottom were parallel, but the ends were oval. they were not pointed like some cigars, but were also not shaped like an arc of a circle. there were no external lights and no external protuberances. the outside was neither dull nor glossy. the nearest comparison i can think of was it was like a satin gloss brown metallic paint. there was one window that was single paned and fit the contour of the body of the craft. it was about 30 feet long and located in the middle of the body of the craft. (there was no color choice of brown in your form, so i listed it as unknown.) i saw the head, shoulders, upper arms and upper torso of two beings in the window. i saw no detail as the were backlit by a yellowish light. the light was not bright so i could distinctly see them, but not their clothing (if any) or their faces. the light shone uniformly for the length of the window. their heads were abnormally long and smoothly thinned to their neck which flowed evenly to their shoulders. their necks were not abnormally thin like the images of large-headed, skinny necked aliens i saw drawn by witnesses later in documentaries. i suspected that this was indeed an alien space ship. since then, i've decided it had to be a shuttle from a larger craft. from my vantage point, the craft appeared to be cigar-shaped, but i realized i was seeing it side-on, so i couldn't see the rest of it. it was not directly over my head. it was over the dorm, and i was in the parking lot to the north (see attached map). it appeared to be tilted down so that the persons inside could look straight out of the window at me. i yelled for my dorm-mate to get out of the car and look at the ufo over the dorm. she ducked her head onto the steering wheel and yelled, "no! no!". i looked back at the object and it was still there and the persons were still at the window watching me. i begged her to get out and look because no one else was around. she refused. i glanced around the sky and saw nothing else. the craft stayed vey still in the air. it did not waver or wriggle. then it abruptly shot straight up, and within 3 seconds it disappeared into the blue distance. still no sound at all. as it rose, i could see that it was not cylindrical like a cigar, but that it was disc shaped. there were no markings, lights or protuberances on the underside. this thing was really plain. i knew about gravitational forces astronauts endure upon blast off. it wasn't until later when i took physics that i learned about inertia. those beings in that object went from being at rest about four stories above my head to zooming out of my sight in 3 seconds. they should have endured tremendous g-forces and be squished quite flat unless the craft could negate inertial forces. i now live in florida and have watched the shuttle take off many times, and the actual shuttle body stays within sight for several minutes while the exhaust is visible much longer. that gives the astronauts 3 g's. i've frequently heard shuttles' sonic booms over my house (upon landing). this craft over my dorm not only made no sound at all, there was no sonic boom when they accelerated faster than the speed of sound. we did not then (and do not now i believe) have the technology to do what this craft did, so i concluded it was extraterrestrial. my dorm-mate never picked up her head to look. there was no one else in the parking lot. i would be surprised if other students did not see this, but i never heard anyone say so. i got tired of being called crazy, so i stopped talking about it on campus. yes it was the 60's-70's psychedelic age of aquarius, but i had never taken any recreational drugs, and i had not been drinking. i was between classes and just took opportunity of some free time to pick up something i'd left in a friend's apartment. this was, in retrospect, a very dull, unexciting ufo encounter, but it was amazing to me, and seems to be burned into my memory. i never have trouble recalling it in full visual detail. i see it as if it was yesterday. this might be because over the years i've told others about it. it also helps that i have always been detail oriented. it wasn't until now that i found out there was a place to record my experience with others who have seen ufos. i eventually got my ms (elsewhere) and had a 35-year long career as a scientist. i am now retired. there were numerous sightings of unidentified flying objects in this area for about 7 years when i was at the university of mississippi. if there are still sightings over this part of mississippi, i don't know. many ufos were seen over sardis reservoir, and some friends of mine saw one of those, including beings outside of the craft. one friend was interviewed by the air force for project blue book (she claimed - i thought they had closed that down by the end of the 60's), but their experience was not the same as mine. however, they were partying "hard" at the time, so i took their observations with a grain of salt. i did not have a camera with me. i am attempting to attach maps of the univ. of miss. campus showing brown hall and showing the campus' proximity to sardis reservoir. i hope that it worked. if so, i was in the parking lot to the north of the building. i came out the back door of the east-southeast to west-northwest prong of the three-pronged dorm. the back door was at the northeast end of the hall. my "ride" was just a girl from the dorm rather than a friend with whom i would have stayed in touch. i have no idea what became of her. this is the only time i saw a ufo. i've seen unusual lights in the night sky, but have never thought them to be ufos of the alien type. i don't think you have to assign anyone to investigate this because there isn't much evidence to look at. i just wanted to add my experience to your database.

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