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Saturday, March 18, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Bletchley, England on 2010-10-01 01:30:00 - Silent ufo/orb flew into my garden at 1.30 am

Ok so back in 2010 i lived in a farmhouse that myself and my family rented for a short time, i was always interested in ufos and was always looking due to the lack of city light there. at the end of summer 2010 one night at 1.30 in the morning i was looking north towards the city center. it was a friday night and there is sometimes a police helicopter over that area on the weekend. once i realised it was a chopper and not a ufo i started to pull my head back into a window i was looking out of when somthing on my left side caught my attention. i saw a golden orange orb of in the distance, it was pretty bright, i was trying to work out if it is moving or not when i realised this thing is moving. but moving towards me. i mean right for me. i watched it come right over the farm field towards me, as it did it light up the whole field. was getting more and more scared at this point. i was looking right into it. it looked like a mini version of the sun. there was no sound, no noise. nothing! but it was right there. there is a small lane that runs up the sie of the house. i started looking at it thinking, my god this thing is going to come arcoss my lane and into my garden, i watched as the thing light up the lane, it just kept coming, it cam into the garden and i freaked out with fear. i pulled my head back in and slowly closed the curtain and just stood there for probably about 4 seconds. then i thought, if i go to the front window, which was in the same room, i will be able to see it pass over towards the north east. but when i looked. there was nothing there. so i knew it was still in the garden outside my window. i did not dare go to that back window until daylight i was so freaked out by all of this i could not even tell my girlfriend and kids who were down in the front room watching tv. i am almost 42 years old and i have seen a few other things i could go into detail about but i can tell you, i have never seen anything like this before. or after, i just cannot figure it out

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Credit: MUFON

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