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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Conroe, Texas on 2017-02-07 18:23:00 - I was snapping some quick pics of sunset, did not notice until days later.

Unfortunatley i did not get to witness it at that moment only in my photos, yah. my feelings are of great disappointment. the one time i'm not paying attention. geez. i am always on the look out for ufo's after seeing one up close in the late 90's,in georgia. (it was an awesome experience,there were two of us that seen it at the same time right in front of us like 3ft away from our faces while traveling approx 65-70mph on the hwy,it traveled with us moved left to right several times, in front of me & then in front of him it was a metallic orb, with glyphs,could not make out glyphs. we both instantly looked at each other,did you see that.?? omg,am i crazy. did you see that.?! we needed confirmation from each other that we were'nt crazy!..It was life changing.!) back to original topic,sorry. i was snapping some quick pics of texas' beautiful big sky, my favorite thing about tx, sunset,driving/riding down plantation rd, (when i first noticed the sunset i did'nt notice anything out of the ordinary looking with the naked eye, you would think i would have, it was very brigt in pics..) i was not paying attention to the pics i snapped or the sky w/eye at this point,just through the cell phone camera.The pics were taken 2/7/2017 @ 6:22pm in conroe, tx. we were traveling south on plantation drive, intersecting 336 loop/west cartwright rd. on our way to heb. pics were taken with my husands iphone,he is the one that noticed the bright blue light in the pics a few days ago 2/27or28/2017. i suppose it could be a drone that was my first thought, there are lots of those around in montgomery county. (they have tendencies of crashing them into lakes 250k fed money lost,plus what ever to pay someone to fish it out, but they need more, more so gotta stock up..They have a gillion police cruisers it's complete over kill,it's just stupid & wasteful. very corrupt county, dont ever move here.!!) rant.. sorry.. but i really do not think it's a drone it's to roundish. you can tell that it is traveling in a straight path pics are in succession shows forward movement. behind the trees pics light is very bright i thought that odd.. hum.. i hope i have'nt wasted anyone's time with my cell phone photographs & long winded off topic stories. if so i apoloagize twice..🤓 i thought the pics were worth looking at.Thank you for your time. mmm.

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Credit: MUFON

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