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Sunday, March 26, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Chicago, Illinois on 1968-07-11 02:20:00 - At 2:30am my sister ran into the bed room and screamed miles its a ufo .The light came into my bedroom window and it sounded like a car trying to start over and over again.The craft was huge over four blocks in diameter. all the neighbors came out. or

All the neighbors came out to see what was making this starting of engine like sound (zu zu zu zu).Not to mention its bright yellow-to white light being emitted from the craft.It looked like a drummers cymbal all lit up white with a flat bottom huge.The sound and the light woke everyone.The craft reminded me of the day the earth stood still craft ,identical.All the women were scared while the men just stood with there mouths open.I believe all the women in the neighborhood were calling the police,fire dept,and [glen view navel air station],plus o*hare airport.The craft seemed like it wanted to land but just too large.After 45 minutes you could hear large choppers in the distance and about three air force jets.The craft then started moving to the northeast.I feel even the air force or national guard was amazed at the sheer size of this craft.As this craft was bigger than the entire gale grammer school even the park across next store.Wow there is more than one case however; thats it for know.Eng.M

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Credit: MUFON

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