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Thursday, March 16, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Rochester, New York on 1998-05-31 03:00:00 - "dream" of 3 aliens

I was a small child 6 or 7 and i vividly remember a "dream" i had, it was summer i was sleeping nude , my day bed facing the bedroom doorway. sleeping on my back i had a "dream" that i woke up to a presence in my room, in the "dream" i then lifted my head to see 3 very tall ,grey aliens, the outlines of their bodies were almost transparent like they just floated through door frame. big big black eyes. i wasnt scared or anything in my dream i was almost blank.... the three stood over me 2 at the left side of my bed and one at the foot, the one nearest on the left leaning in. they did something seemingly to my abdominal/private area but i felt no pain and just watched them almost paralyzed. and that was it! this "dream" has stuck with me through the years and is very vivid. but what is most odd to me is that my mind classifies this as a dream but why as a child would i dream of waking up to a presence in the room?

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Credit: MUFON

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