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Friday, March 10, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Spokane Valley, Washington on 1992-07-18 21:30:00 - Amazing ariel display over drive in theater.

I took my girlfriend to a double feature at a drive in theater back in the summer of 1992. we were laying in the back of a s-10 pick-up truck. we weren't under the influence of alcohol or drugs. we weren't really watching the movie just looking up into the stars. we both suddenly noticed a circular pattern of lights above our head. i couldn't see the outline of the object just the lights shining. at first the lights were a combination of yellow, orange and red. we were both amazed and confused. after viewing the lights for about 10 seconds the lights began to change color to the other end of the spectrum. the lights changed to blue, green and violet. in an instant these lights moved about 10 degrees to the south and back to the original position in less than a second. i thought to myself there is no way a human body can take that amount of g force and still be living. the next movement was even more spectacular the lights didn't disappear but shot of at such an amazing rate. it was if someone flicked the lights into deep space. my girlfriend at the time flipped out and ran to a pay phone to call her parents. she was so distraught that i had to take her home. an amazing moment that changed my life forever.

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Credit: MUFON

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