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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Eddystone, Pennsylvania on 2017-03-17 22:30:00 - Star starts moving back & forth really quickly and then descended straight down

I was driving down chester pike & i noticed what i assumed was a very bright star. it was right ahead of me, i seen it while looking through the windshield. i'm always looking at the sky & i know that venus is usually the brightest star in the sky, so i assumed it was venus. it seemed out of place though. i asked myself, is that venus? and then i see start moving, & im freaking out like, what?! am i tripping? the further i drive along the road, i notice that it's hovering because it's now on the left side of me. so at first it was in front of me and as i'm coming up to it i have to look out the left window to see it. no exaggeration when i say it looked like a star. like i said it thought it was venus. when it started moving abruptly, it kind of looked like it was "looking for something" idk that's my best guess., i can't really tell if it was over a building but from my view that's what it looked like. after switching directions a few times, it started descending straight down very gracefully. very deliberate movements. i knew it was some kind of intelligent being/energy. i wanted to grab my camera but i was like in a trance watching it, i didn't want to turn away because i knew that i was witnessing something very special. it was descending for a few seconds so i know that it was really high up before it went behind a building that was about 100ft from me & it blocked my view from it. i started crying the moment it started moving. not from fear, i was in awe. after i cried i got really scared bc i didn't know what it was or what was happening.

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Credit: MUFON

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