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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

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UFO Sighting in East Preston, England on 2017-03-13 20:30:00 - I decided to take some pictures of the moon as it was clear & pretty last night.I took a series of photos & when i downloaded them on to my laptop i noticed a few strange looking pictures that i cannot account for.

I was at home last night watching tv & decided to make a coffee,as i went to fill the kettle i noticed how pretty the moon looked out of my kitchen window.I decided to try to get a couple of nice pictures of it on my cannon digital camera,it was either a full moon or near enough & it had a beautiful halo around it.I went out on the patio & managed to get a few decent shots or semi decent anyway! when i down loaded them on to my laptop computer i noticed a couple of rather odd looking ones,i decided to put some on facebook...Within a couple of seconds i got a phone call from my daughter asking me what the odd golden glowing sausage shaped thing was?Thats when i really looked at it & realised it was indeed very strange looking,everything else in the picture was in sharp focus so it seemed unlikely that whatever this thing was,would not be in focus.I took these pictures in the dark & as my garden is quite long & i was stood next to the back door i did not see this thing as i took the picture.Then myself & my daughter noticed another very odd looking photo that was taken quite soon after this first one,it appears to be an apparition of some kind that kind of goes through the rotary washing line in my garden,it appears to have arms & legs! there is nothing growing just there in the garden & when you home in on it,it appears to be made up of orbs,it gives me the creeps to be honest! i have no idea what these things are & as i say i did not see them with my eyes in the garden,only on the pictures afterwards.I have sent this to you because of the glowing,golden object mainly...I did not see or hear any aeroplanes whilst i was in the garden & i think it was approximately about 8.30 pm in the evening.Many thanks for taking the time to read this.I have included a couple of photos.

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Credit: MUFON

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