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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Warwick, on 2017-03-07 07:23:00 - Van size blimp trailing jet on wingtip with typhoon eurofighter escorting at distance.

I was taking my dogs for a walk as normal and entered a large park area. i heard in unusual jet sound, more of a howl as if a jet is reducing speedin the south west i spotted a typhoon eurofighter which i have never seen in before. it turned and started to come towards me (north). i started filming with my mobile phone as it was so unusual. the eurofighter was going very slow and was pitched up at a strange angle. after it had passed behind some trees i stopped filming. however the howling sound continued. i looked around and spotted a small commercial passangerjet that must have been passing over me directly as i was filming the eurofighter. the passanger jet had a van sized blimp on its right hand wingtip. i knew immediately that it was a ufo and not a plane. the jet was moving in a straight line and was moving very slowly. this bit of sky in on the landing path for birmingham airport and i am used to seeing them. this jet wasn't on a landing trajectory. the ufo matched the speed and maintained its position relative to the jet throughout my observation. i tried to film it but my screen was very dim as i had the sun behind me and i was a little over excited. i can't help but think that the eurofighter was a decoy as it drew my attention. had it not been there i'd have looked up earlier. the jet flew into the line of trees to the right of the ones the eurofighter flew behind. i did feel odd. the slowness of everything felt like time was slowing. the howling sound was similar to a jet but not the same.

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Credit: MUFON

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