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Friday, March 3, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Silver City, New Mexico on 1978-09-18 00:00:00 - 1978 sighting in southwest new mexico witnessed by 6 people

See attached i really hope my attachment was clear enough to read. i've wanted to tell my story to someone else who has had these types of experiences. after seeing so much on tv about it i thought i.D add my experience too. it was definitely a life changing experience. to this day my one niece who was there can"t even try to talk about it. she was that traumatized. my uncle buck who has since died wouldn't or couldn't speak about it for over 10 years. it was in 1978 while on my grandmothers ranch located in the southwest corner of new mexico that a very large craft hovered over our house in complete silence. about the size of a football field or larger. it was around dinner time, getting dark out when my aunt pat came running into the kitchen very upset about a loud rumbling noise coming down the canyon. she says i think it's a tractor trailer or something but it was getting louder. the windows in the house were rattling and my 2 nieces ran into there bedrooms crying and scared. the next thing was that my grandmother, aunt pat and a little later uncle buck went outside to see what was going on when all of the sudden we looked up above the house and saw a very large craft hovering just above the top of canyon ridge in front of the house. total silence. we looked and asked each other what was it. uncle buck and said " looks like a g_d damn city up there" and ran into the house scared. my grandmother pat and i kept looking and we couldn't understand what we were looking at. i felt more afraid than anything i'd ever felt before. i knew i was looking at something not from this planet. then in a second it was gone!!!! no sound. since the house was down in a canyon i got into the ranch pickup and took my nephew todd up to the top of ridge to see where it went. well you guessed. nothing we all gathered together in the kitchen to discuss and try and make sense of what just happened. the shape was too large to figure out but we did agree on seeing white lights in a row, as if the side of an airliner of the end of the craft leaving. it could have been the triangle shape seen on tv.There were 6 witnesses. i know what i saw and felt.Thanks mufon

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Credit: MUFON

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