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Saturday, March 11, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Yuma, Arizona on 2000-09-13 18:12:00 - 2objects heading at 90degree angle one object stops and disappeared in green light trail.

I was about 12yr old playing out side with my dog. this event changed my life, i am now 29. i live in the desert of arizona. it was in the evening where the sun has already set, yet there is still a significant amount of light, maybe 40 mins to an hour of light left. i was sitting there playing with mud and mud pies when to the east i saw and "air plane" heading west. at the same time i noticed a second air plane coming from the north heading to the south. i was old enough to know that two objects heading in a 90 degree angle will eventually meet. thats what caught my attention. i decided to watch, maybe 1 or 2 mins of these planes heading in a 90 degree angle. less then a mile from eachother. when suddenly the "air plane" coming from the east heading west stops, turns green (bright green) heads south in a half figure eight and disappears in to the sky. the other air plane coming from the north flys over my house continues south. my mouth dropped open and i felt a little shocked to be honest. i then ran in side and started crying and trying to tell my parents what i saw. we all went outside and i dont think they believed me. i was really scared because you only see things like that on tv its supposed to be fiction. i wish i was old enough at the time to find that pilot to comferm what i saw. before this event i had never really thought or cared about the idea of aliens or ufos. since then i can still recall the event like it happend yesterday.

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Credit: MUFON

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