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Saturday, March 4, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Lynn, Massachusetts on 2017-03-04 00:00:00 - Very distinct object in sky, much larger than a plane, zipping and darting about between stops. 2nd smaller light beneath it which moved with it at times.

My husband to the back door window which gives me a good view of the eastern sky. he immediately called me over, he said there is something up there darting and zipping around. i live 5 minutes from the ocean in eastern ma. earlier in the evening we had snow squalls but these were long over and the sky was clear. i saw something that had a very peculiar shape, but i could make it out very clearly. square top with larger body and what looked like 4 'legs' coming from the sides, 2 on each side, the outside ones longer than the inner ones. it was darting back and forth, and then would stop. this continued and several times it either shot up higher, or dropped down. there was a light below it, a small round white light, and when this object moved, some of the time it would move also, other times it stayed put. when i first noticed it, i knew it wasn't a plane, the space station, as i follow that and have seen it numerous times, and it wasn't a star or a planet. i see those as well. also very strange, scattered cloud cover started to come from the se, and every time it passed by, it either darted up above the clouds, or dropped below them. i saw it last at 1:43 am as i was writing this. it was stationary and then zipped to the left out of my sight, its now 1:55am and no return. while my husband and i were watching it, we were both very excited, every time it changed direction suddenly. now as i am writing this, i am very shaky and feel as though i saw something i wasn't supposed to see, or someone saw me. its a very strange feeling. i know that this was extremely high in the sky so it shouldn't be remotely possible that anything saw me, but it feels that way. i even waved to it once and it dropped suddenly. my husband told me not to do that again. i have no idea what this thing was, naturally, but i feel sad that it is gone.

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Credit: MUFON

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