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Friday, March 3, 2017

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UFO Sighting in London, Ontario on 1993-06-15 00:00:00 - Lived in an old funeral home which was converted into 4 apartments. opened windows to let cats onto roof. it appeared from no where right before my eyes. no sound, just hovered for maybe 20 seconds. then gone, faster than i have ever seen anything move.

It was around 1993. i worked weekends as a bartender in a local club, while i studied at university. the bar was within walking distance to my apartment, and at that time, all bars in ontario closed at 1 am. shortly after closing and locking up the bar, a friend that was in the area, who also lived close by, walked me home this particular night. it was a beautiful and warm saturday night; the temperature outside was perfect. it was mid summer, and the streets were quiet and empty. the sky was clear, and within ten minutes we were at my apartment. my friend wasn't stopping; he just needed to use the washroom before heading to his apartment a couple blocks away. it was probably close to 2 am. my apartment building was an old funeral home that had been converted into office space, and then into four apartment units. i was friendly with the other three tenants, and i remember that as i approached my building i noticed that everyone must have been sleeping as there were no lights on. the building was situated on a very short block and located in between two major streets in the city. i lived on the second floor of the building and i could see both intersecting streets from my front windows. directly across the street was the start of major construction of a new large building. at this point in the construction, it was just cement and steel of what was soon to be a hotel. our apartment building took up half of the block; the other half of the block consisted of one small house, and a sandwich shop which was closed for the evening. there was no one around. my friend and i entered the apartment. he headed to use the washroom located at the back of the unit, and i began the ritual opening of the windows to let my cats out onto the roof which also acted as a canopy for the entrance of the building. the roof was only accessible from my two french windows. there were no screens and i had to stand on my couch and crawl through the windows to get out onto the roof. many times i sat out there with the cats and/or friends and just people watched. as i stood on the couch and opened the windows, i was just about ready to exit onto the roof, and instantly, out of no where, this u.F.O. appeared. it was just there. i knew at that moment that it was a u.F.O. there was no doubt in my mind, and i did not question myself, nor did i doubt my eyes. it literally came out of no where. there was no sound. it just hovered at eye level, directly in front of me. it took up the space of the entire road. i can't remember if there were two lanes or three lanes on the road but it covered the entire area of road, from one side of the street to the other. it is hard to remember how long it was or the depth of it, but it seemed to be about a story high. it was between 30 and 50 feet long. it saw me, and it was purposely watching me. i absolutely knew that, because there wasn't another soul in sight. my friend was still in the back of the apartment. i was shocked, i didn't move. i just stood there and stared. i couldn't move, or i didn't want to move. there were so many lights, different colours, green, white, yellow, and orange. twenty years ago, i could have described the lights in more detail, but sadly i cannot recall if there were red or blue lights. the body of the object was dark, greyish, like a flat unpolished metal, and there didn't appear to be any windows, not that i could tell. the lights flashed on and off, all around the body of the object. it appeared to be like a disc shape, wider at the bottom, and narrowing and more rounded at the top. the lights were near the bottom of the object and the lights were the only thing on this object that moved. there didn't seem to be any sequence to the lights going on and off, but they travelled around the object, on and off in a circular motion. what amazed me was that this massive object directly in front of me, made no sound. it must have been there for 30 seconds. 30 seconds is not long, but in that moment, time stood still for me. i didn't know what to expect; i waited for anything to happen. it just hovered. i wasn't afraid, but i was concerned if i made any sudden motion, something could happen. maybe it would leave? all i wanted was for my friend to witness this remarkable thing outside my window; something that i never imagined was possible to see. to me, it felt surreal, like a miracle, not in a religious sense, but in the unimaginable sense, where you just cannot place this thing in your reality. but it was right in front of me, and i was alone, and unable to share this with anyone. and this was happening right in the middle of a pretty large city. under my breath, and as quiet as i could, i called for my friend. without moving my lips, i grunted my friend's name, not taking my eyes off of the object. i wondered if i should in fact be scared, but there was no time to comprehend fear. and then, just as my friend walked into the room, it simply took off. no sound, nothing. i saw it take off at a speed i cannot describe, and as soon as it entered the intersection of the street to the south of the building, it absolutely just vanished, gone! i actually saw it vanish. no distant sounds, no smoke, and i had no proof of what i just witnessed. how do you tell that story to someone that has just walked into the room? i explained to him what had happened, and i'm sure i was frantic and quite animated, but i could tell, he didn't really know what to think. i'm pretty sure he had a crush on me, and maybe partly that, and maybe i did sound crazy, but i didn't care, and i was glad when he left so i could wait for it to return. my dad never liked him anyway. and the u.F.O. never came back. i waited for sirens because somebody must have reported this. nothing. i looked in the newspaper, and waited for radio to cover something. nothing. for days upon weeks after this event, i was waiting for it's return, like it was on some mission, with some message for me. i actually felt a bit special that i got to see this. then later, i remember i started to get a bit worried, maybe this whole thing wasn't a good thing. maybe i was part of some sick science experiment, maybe it was a secret government thing. i thought of everything and came up with nothing. i continued to replay moment by moment, trying to rationalize it; i could not. how was i so fortunate or unfortunate to witness this? i have always had a supportive family and good network of friends, and i am grateful that i was taken seriously each time i told this story. i have often felt compassion for those people who too, have had similar experiences, only to share them, and not be believed. how frustrating that must be. at least i have had the peace knowing that people believe me and often i am encouraged by friends or family to share with others. to this day, i have no proof other than my word, which stems only from what my eyes saw and how my brain rationalized it. i am convinced that this object was watching me, and that it did not want to be seen by anyone else, or at least by my friend. i still wonder about that night, and i still have questions. why was it there? why did it leave just at that moment? why did it reveal itself to me, and only me? i have spent more time than i can count wondering if anyone else in the city saw this u.F.O. that night, or any other night. i have taken the time to look at some websites on this topic over the years, and have taken interest in related documentaries and articles, but the experience has not consumed me or impacted me negatively; i just feel fortunate, probably because i did not feel threatened. as time goes by, the details and description of the object have faded, but how i felt will never fade. the oxford dictionary definition of the word "awe" sums up how i felt in that moment; "a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder".

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Credit: MUFON

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