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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Middle River, Maryland on 2006-04-12 21:30:00 - Felt as if the ship and i shared emotions, like it knew me. extremely overwhelming at the time.

A calm air ran through the neighborhood that night, as if everyone was peacefully asleep already. me and my little brother always stayed out late so this night we happened to be in the yard just between the houses of our street kicking a soccer ball back and forth. from my orientation at the back of the yard i stood facing sw towards the shopping center on the hill behind my brother, who was at the other side of the yard positioned more in between the homes. a couple streets up from us due e of our house was an extensive stretch of power lines that cut our neighborhood in half essentially. i was always a child who had his wonders in the stars, and eyes in the skies. in fact before this incident when i was very young, i think about three years old, i remember coming home one night from my fathers house and noticing a triangular star formation seem to re-position themselves and become more of an obtuse angle just ahead of me as we were pulling into the same neighborhood. i remember being mesmerized by it, and almost blocking the world out around me, for when my father started to say something i remember it snapping me out of a dim trans like state i was in. all of the sudden as i looked his way in the skies behind his head a massive fireball emerged from the sky headed straight for the ground gradually declining at an angle but fast. i remember immediately screaming and hyperventilating trying to get his to just look that direction behind him because he was still trying to say whatever it was he was trying to say. i was terrified for some reason i thought it was going to be followed by an explosion of some sort, and just as i caught my fathers eye and he happened to witness the fear in my eyes it began to dim and burned away before it hit. the object seemed very close, and i remember seeing the details in the brimstone like material. but bringing us back to this particular night later in my life i witnessed something i have only dreamt of and seen in what humans refer to as fantasy. space, such a vast and mysterious place, how i long to return...At my spot in the yard that night a lingering presence wisped by, and something pulled my head in its direction. positioned just above one of the power line poles in the center of our neighborhood sat a small blue light and a small gold/orange light. i had a fairly good window of view passed the back of the houses and from the back yard could see the majority of the skies over head. the lights almost didn't seem significant to me, i lived by the airport for a while, we seen planes fly and a sky full of stars every night, until they did. i kicked the ball back and looked back over at them now intrigued because they seemed to have not moved, but were fixed in perfect distance from one another, like they belonged together there in the sky just above the power lines, i couldn't tell if i was looking at stars or if there were really these two lights fixed overtop of this power line on such an angle to me that it felt as if maybe i was looking at stars. the second thoughts began to run through my head and my curiosity spiked i called my little brother to come stand by me to observe the lights also, as to maybe he would of had an opinion to what they were doing there. within the few milliseconds it took for my brain to calculate and begin with proceeding to speak, the lights began to slowly rise. the gold light was on the left if looking from a 2dimmensional perception and the blue on the right. the gold one appeared to be higher then the blue, as if they were sitting diagonally, but perfectly spaced from one another, never flawing from the fixed space they held. before my brother could get to me, within a split blink of an eye these two lights take off, with unimaginable ease and speed. not a single sound was made. the direction they took off in was towards the top of the neighborhood by the entrance, above the shopping center on the hill we lived behind and below. as the lights darted off i naturally got very excited and curious and wanted to follow, so i ran with them to the front of our yard to where i could maybe get a glimpse of them once more. i said did you see that!? we ran to the front of the yard where we were standing in my driveway now and had were back out from between the houses so i could see the sky from the front yard. i spotted them heading towards the back corner of the store on the hill, and as we got to the driveway something amazing happened that still to this day gives me chills thinking about and referring to this story. the lights went from a darting speed seeming as if they were just going to fly away in that direction slowed down insanely fast and almost seemed to turn in a quick little 180 degree turn just above the back corner of the store. all of the sudden the two lights faded and from the very void of absolutely nothing became a massive black circle in the sky. the shadow literally seemed to have fold space and crawl out of it in one sleek and perfect movement, with no effort what so ever. at that very point i remember just screaming "oh my god its them!" and dropped to my knees in complete paralysis. i was so excited i couldn't catch my breath and began to cry, i just remember it being such a relief, in knowing that we were not the only ones after all, no matter what you hear, here they are right in front of my face. it was a ship, and it came out of nowhere, to which i know realize due to research it was most likely a cloaking device of some sort, and the lights i believe to be reflecting light coming from the edges of the craft in which after it repositioned i could observe the ship in its entirety. the human eye is very easily tricked, and often we fail to see past even the simplest of illusion. within the couple seconds of the disc revealing itself i noticed that this ship notices us. on the hill by the back of that store it was above stood a very tall evergreen tree. this ship began to duck and weave behind the tree it seemed, and would come back out to see if we were still there looking at it. as if one were to feed a small chipmunk or something it felt alive like it knew what it was doing. i can't say if it wanted to be seen or not because of what happened next, but i think its intentions was something i am only just beginning to uncover through strange faint flash memories. nevertheless what i realized to be a thin black disc in the sky was there, and the whole experience was very emotional for me, and very surreal. stranger though it felt as if we were the only ones alive in the world at that time, like we were outside of time, and nobody in their homes could hear us screaming in complete awe and utter astonishment. the next thing that popped in my head was get under it, get there now. see behind that store sits a huge hill that basically if you were to stand on the very top of one would be eye level with the roof of the store. the hill overlooked the power line field just outside of the neighborhood along a vast stretch of wooded area we played in almost every day. i realized if i could get on the hill, and the way this thing looks now, which was extremely low mind you, i can be right there with this thing. so i ran, without a hesitation to the top of the neighborhood, so instinctually in fact that i took my eye off of the craft, put my head down, and ran as fast as i possibly could to get about 200yards up a couple rounds and around back to the top of this hill. it took me all but a few seconds to get there, and i realized my little brother was a little ways behind me. then i remembered to look around for the disc, in which where i last saw it was over the corner of the store and behind the tree. well, as we looked around for a minute the ship was no longer there, so we began to look in all directions to see if it flew off in another direction. all of the sudden i remember looking at what seemed to be these two lights we saw from the beginning make their ways over top of the trees, directly towards the field of power lines that separated us atop the hill, and the expanse of trees. then, they changed orientation again and began to head for us it seemed. as the lights got the edge of the woods they graciously flew over the shape of the disc began to re-emerge from the void. a large street light stood behind us, and i began to be able to make out the approximate size and structure of this thing in relevance to myself. as the ship emerged from the shadows and reached the power lines it made a right angle. mind you the ship at this point is moving at a very calm and gracious speed. no faster then a butterfly would flutter through the air, but this what i now know to be a starship had perfect balance and control over the space around itself. it was in total harmony with its movements, which led me to believe that it was very much alive, and portrayed its own thought process how else was it able to interact with me like this already in its movements and actions. as it got above the power lines again it hit a 90 degree turn and began to hover just above them, and began to come right towards its closest possible point to us. if i were to put a guess on it at its closest orientation to me was approximately 10 feet away or so, when it got in front of us it was eye level with us, and i felt myself lifting towards it but not getting any closer. i wanted to be in there with them so badly, and just remember telling myself, "im just going to fly over there, i mean look how close they are i can probably just jump and be there and touch it". so badly did i want to feel myself fly over and dive out towards it and just meet them and be inside and fly the ship, i was so in awe, and inspired by the complete freedom i was witnessing. the ship just seemed so calm and at peace with what it was doing, and i felt so lucky to be there with my little brother witnessing this that i already began to put it through my head that nobody will ever believe this, and that's just how our world has become, people are just not looking anymore, but i begged to differ. i remember trying so hard to see any sort of face through a very low and sleek dome type formation which i assumed to be the cockpit of some kind, but couldn't make anything out. it felt as if i was slightly above the ship even and could look onto its surface in full detail but could not make out any paneling or anything! the entire surface of the craft seemed to be one piece almost, one form. it was a dark material indeed, but did not give me the feeling of a metal of some sort, the whole thing felt very much alive, and i could feel my consciousness exchanging with it. the craft seemed to be not of this world. mostly due to the interaction i was consciously having with its actions if that makes sense. i remember as it passed slow at perfect eye level i was staring into the eyes of something staring right back at me, in complete amazement of what they see themselves. i felt a presence there as if the ship was inhabitant, but they weren't flying just taking notes and such. i didn't see any being aside form the ship itself, some of the smaller details have come to me over the years. which leads me to the conclusion of my lovely little story here. at one point i tried to take a picture with a crappy flip phone i had at the time but nothing ever got made out in the picture it was just pitch black due to the night and poor camera quality, so i left it at that and didn't even try again, rather to be more immersed in the experience itself. as it passed and we had a chance to observe everything up close it began to drift back over towards the trees and eventually did so, eventually moving out of view. at this time i remember talking with my little brother as we were both amazed and excited, quick to share our opinions on the matter at hand. then it gets foggy, i remember it coming back around a second time and virtually doing the same exact little slow fly by eye level with me. why would it do that. i mean the same exact way it happened the first time, the lights came over the trees, made their way to the power lines becoming the shape of the disc again i could see, me looking into it realty hard trying to notice small details on the craft, and it receding back out of view over the trees back towards the airport and aberdeen proving grounds. i remember thinking that at one point actually, i wonder how nobody has seen this i mean there are lights and towers at the airport and this ship is just here calmly doing its thing taking a stroll it doesn't make sense. even if it were on a survey mission of some kind for information why come back around a second time and do the same look and feeling. something is off when i begin to delve into this portion of the memory, as if a loop of sorts was planted there to hide the time that we were gone. also something popped up in my early teenage life i began to notice, i believe my organs were affected in a way and now my ribcage sits a very awkward way, but im not sure. i was told it was a condition that doesn't present itself until a certain stage in ones bone development, but it just never jived with me, i wore this brace to try and "correct it" for a year but it never did anything. my body feels very different than it used to, and my consciousness seems to have heightened after that, with way more frequent visions and increased sensitivity to energy. one time i woke up falling, as if i was suspended above my bed, just floating there, in perfect plank because my whole body hit the bed at the same time. i believe now that we were taken, why else would they have presented themselves to just us that night, in the middle of town between so many people. i can sometimes see them now, and go different places easier. now that my consciousness has developed further into higher understanding i realize that i was chosen for some things, as we all are to an extent, here to carry the responsibility of happenings in alternate spatial differentials. gaia is sick mr. ganster, and our species is sick. the requirements for the transformation are brutal to some, but what is evolution without brutal truth yes? we must maintain balance, and power is consuming to many. it is our responsibility as children of gaia in this realm to cleanse the poisons that consume so arrogantly here. the human is a very powerful being, there are those here that can help us see. but we must humble our power for preservation. it is the only way to save our species, we have to change at the grass roots. the powers that be are an illusion, there are none, it is represented through the human kind. ones physical and mental labor involved with current society feeds the control certain people have over us. we must fight to preserve knowledge at this point, our very way of life is under attack from very powerful people. but the thing that makes them most powerful is fear, and the inability for us to collectively understand as a species the capability of our subconscious manifest. we must do everything in our power to collaborate as like minds in presenting more efficient ways of energy production into our way of life here on the surface. the only trap doors we experience in life are the ones we set ourselves. we are ethereal beings, and the ether has no walls. no limits. we are beyond powerful, that's why we are dangerous. we can talk more, i look forward to hearing from you all again. much love to you and your organization mr. ganster. we must preserve universal nature of this realm, or not. for there are no rights or wrongs in time, only infinite possibilities.

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