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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Houston, Texas on 1974-04-30 00:00:00 - Unexplained. doctors. examination in. houston. texas

I. remember. being in. a room after getting. into. fight. with. a. man. that. i. had. met. and. then. running. away. from him in this motel we. we're in. out. in a. very secluded area outside of. houston. i. was. bleeding. and i. thought. i. took. myself. to. hospital. but. couldn't. remember. how i got. there. and. then. what. became. very. strange. to. me was the. doctor. put. his. hand in. my. vangina. and. statedi. had. many. many. eggs. i. couldn't. understand. how. he. knew. that. by. just. putting. his. hand. in my. vagina. then. 2. more. doctors. came. in. room. and. told. me i. lost. my. baby. after. they. also. agreed. i. had. many. eggs. i. didn't. even. know. i. was. even. pregnant. at. the. time. i. didn't. remember. really. how. i. got. the. cab to. my. hotel. but. i made it back to. the. houston hospital. hotel(that's. where. i. was. staying. because. it. was. cheaper). and. there. was. a. huge. gas. explosion. that. lit. up. the. whole. sky. right. when i. was. walking. into. hotel. i. never. knew. what. happened. til. years. later. when. i. was. married. and. my. husband. woke. up. in. the. middle. of. them. trying. to. take me out of my. bed. or. they. we're. bringing me. back. and. i didn't. even. know. it. (i. was. living. near. the. airport. in. st. louis. and burned on. half. of. body. then. ). i. only. have. one. child. but. feel. like. i. have. a. child. somewhere. else. that. i'm. missing. as. i'm. telling. this. i'm. feeling. sick. to. my. stomach. but. what. can. i. really. do. can. anyone. help. me. with. feeling. sick. please they. appeared. small. grey. big. heads. n. eyes. when. my. hey husband. tried to wake. me. it was hard. for me to wake. up. my. dogs wouldn't. wake. up. my. lights. wouldn't. work. and. he. was. trying to. shoot at. them. when. they. we're. flying. away. my. husband. was. a. believer. after. that. and. i. had. an. affirmative. answer. to. how. a. hand. in. a. vagina. could. tell. them. i. have. alot. of eggs

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Credit: MUFON

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