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Saturday, March 18, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Sunnyvale, California on 2017-03-12 12:03:00 - High altitude translucent orbs with video

I was on a walk on a sunny no cloud day. i was looking up at a telephone pole as in some cities we are getting public wi-fi, so i saw something on the telephone polo to check out. as i was looking up i saw 4 orbs moving fast. we have 3 airports and a nasa. we have planes in the sky all the time, from single engines to 747's to military jets, so i've never seen this before. i quickly got my phone out and started taking video. if you have a big monitor it's very obvious. as i was taking video, i could not see the orbs on my phones screen, so i was guessing where to video. what i noticed that caused me to go "ufo" was that these orbs were translucent. if you ever remember the movie predator, the creature had translucent camo. i could see the orbs but they appeared to be the same color of the sky. i could see 4, the first 3 were in a v formation followed by a single one almost trying to catch up, that's what i remembered. in the video you will see the first 3 moving fast and not in a v formation, so in the 10 seconds to take my phone out and video the v formation was gone. after the v formation they were in a weird flight line. the video is shaky as i didn't know if i was getting it. it was exactly 12:03 pm. orbs were moving north east to south west. it appeared to be high altitude and moving fast. there were other planes in the sky at the time flying low to land. what was a little weird was a very high plane, i could only see the contrail otherwise you wouldn't see it and it was flying from a south to north and then a north to south. the other planes were single engines and 747 types with no contrails. it could be just a random plane flying really high, who knows. * on another note, case number 82624 which was reported the same day and same area is very similar to my story. so if the person can look at the video and confirm if it's what he or she saw that would be pretty cool. their description is right on the money to what i saw. mine was earlier in the day but the interesting thing is that the orbs were heading in that persons general direction.

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Credit: MUFON

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