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Saturday, March 4, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Bastian, Virginia on 2017-03-03 08:30:00 - It was first in the sky like a star then slowly desended along mnt.At times seemed in the forest then asended and seemed to follow me .

About 3 weeks ago i went to pick up my !16 yr.Old daughter after a school function.Picked her up at the school at exactly 8:30pm and we started back home.When we reached the top of the mountain i noticed a super brite star on my left just above the mountain ahead.We live in the valley between these 2 mountains as we desended the 1st mountian the object started desending along the side of the oppisite mountain.There is only 1 road over there on that mnt.That it was on and it is a very rough fire track.Which is locked by the national forest service at this time of year.When we first seen the object we was at 2900 feet,we desended to about 2100 ft. and it desended along with us until it appeared to be maybe 300 or 400 ft. above us.It seemed to almost touch the ground at times.At other times it moved along just ahead of us and would be in the forest because i could see trees outlined in front of it.As we traveled up the valley along the creek it moved along with us.At times it looked rectangle shaped and you could see red lights all along its side.It gave off a brite silver light like a star almost.I followed it past our home and when i stopped to turn around it came back as if it was waiting on me.Then just last nite on our way home from town we seen it again.It followed us for several miles and when we got home it stayed over the same mnt for a bit just across the creek from our house.Then it moved on up the valley and out of sight.Will be watching again to-nite with my telescope an a set of bino's.

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Credit: MUFON

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