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Monday, March 13, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Dublin, County Dublin on 2016-05-14 02:25:00 - Small balloons joining, separating then became a transparent oval; it moved straight up then moved at 90 degree angle towards me

I had just walked 8 hours in dublin because i was depressed someone had just stole my dog and i had no drink or drugs; i had a clear mind; after a long friday the 13th last year, i sat below the o'connell bridge on a catwalk leading to a platform or dock just below the bridge, i also noticed just how unusally clear it was; no wind nothing. i could see the stars and the green luminesiant lights from the heinkein building. i heard people still drinking at the heinkein building but then noticed a bunch of ballons being released, thinking nothing of it. but when the ballons looked like a long drip joining up, i thought that weird; now its appears to be bubbles because they joined together, when the flucuating streached about 10 feet long and came to about 10 feet from the top of the left side of the building it stopp-ed as if it ran out of air, but then it broke up again as it shiftted left can for fifteen minutes the thing became larger and when it was half way between me and the building it was an oval and transperant, with a thin black line, tappered from that line from a dark grey to a ligher grey, very distint. it moved like an amebia fluttering on both sides as if it were a jelly fish. when it came over the top of me i was wowed, it had two inner lights, small rectangles; one red and one green. as the lights moved from right to left slowly from the underneath section about two thirds from the center, back and forth, the motion was slow and the movment was about five minutes if you were comparing it to the hands on a clock, just before the light moved they brightened, when they stopped the lights got dimmer, and with each shift the two lights would have more rounded corners, as it brightened its corners were more distinct. i could still see the stars through it and the two lights seemed to leave tiny comet trails that would soon disappear just before the light changed direction. i heard a voice saying they've been watching me, i didn't say anything out loud and in one second i was in side a white ship, there were five people there, two tall, one short and ugly and two that had the big eyes, greys, i said if you are in charge below, i think your doing a bad job, they said the time here was short and the rules for non interference no longer apply. i said explain, they said i was calling them because i had been with them before but i couldn't remember. they said i was to take one of their craft, they called it a project, upon their return so long as i increased my vibration, i hadn't any idea how but now i do. i am to show the world their technology once i can use it and simply ask others if they wish to leave earth for a short period. i agreed and i was like a beam of light right back sitting on the bench. i was excited and tried to grab the attention of two girls chatting away in italian but it was 2:40 am and they would not look up to where i was pointing. the ship moved gradually away and speed off, i stood facing in the oposite direction and in about five minutes five obects came from the south however these objects were rappidly rotating wobbling each in an irregualr pattern, as a high energy object, it had no distict color pattern, it was smaller about 10 feet in diameter round but had spikes all over it with yellow; it had some other colors but fluckuated so fast it was hard to make out whichcolors, perhaps organge, light purple?, each five spheres were in a prefect zig-zag formation and when the five from the left raced in over the footpath behind me the first obect that had taken me aboard was now just like the others and orb yellow sparkling ball of irregualar light, the five cam from my left and the leader came in more from a twenty degree angle from my right. they began to move slowly and pick up speed then speed off like a bolt of light. i have a burn on my right hand from them and i was a bit shook up over it because i was followed by humans in pairs at first then in groups and they too were communicating telepathically it was scary because they were discribing me and i could hear them, they were comanding people, avergage train workers to pick up the phone to dicuss me and they all were a man and women team, the women was the translator. i have been contacted again but it was in my sleep and they said prepare for a shift in my dna and that i was special. i wait to report it becaus i had to take it all in. the photo was taken the day after my dream contact and the image in the center was no water drop, in fact i took many pictures and no other objects apeared in the other photos.

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Credit: MUFON

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