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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Concord, California on 2013-06-28 00:00:00 - 06/28/2013 - 2 strange aerial objects eastbound ca hwy 4 not visible to eye but cap'd in iphone 4

During a trip back to my birth land of california in 2013, i took a few pix in my elder brothers rental from the front passenger side seat. i've kept these photos and have only shared them with a few close friends and families who are all astonished just as much as i am about 1 in particular. so after much contemplation and vacillating i now share it all with you here on ats. we were traveling eastbound on california highway 4, and was just taking a few random shots out the car windows of the areas we passed nostalgically, as i know longer live in california and get homesick quite often. anyways i had just taken a picture of the concord naval weapons station bunkers which can be seen right off hwy 4 between concord and pittsburg, ca with my old iphone 4 (no siri, running ios 7) and so i just wanted to take a pic of the once familiar site of going down the hwy toward pittsburg and getting a glimpse of the old "mothball fleet"(us navy national defense reserve fleet) as it sits in suisun bay on the mid left hand side of the pic (just above the little orangish sign.) later that evening i reviewed some pix on my phone and was stunned to see 2 apparently flying objects in my image. the one on the left above the hill and the hwy divider fencing, is the most amazing, as i did not see it when i took the pic, but it appears to be the backside of some type of lockheed sr type aircraft with maybe some heat or exhaust signature coming off of the bottom left side of the craft? my elder brother who was driving at the time, agrees it does look like the back of a lockheed sr-type aircraft. the aerial object on the right i have no idea what it is, but speculate perhaps it was in companion flight with the object on the right, maybe observing and recording? like i said i didn't see them in the sky nor heard the sound of overhead passing aircraft when i took the picture. they must have been in some type of stealth mode. travis us air force base lies approx 22 mi ne of the place where i took the picture. i've had the strange and exciting pleasure of seeing some f-117 stealth fighters from travis when i lived in the area, and twice, the spooky but profoundly strange experience of watching up close, silent, large, beautiful, triangle aircraft that appeared at first glances, to be our (usa) b-2 stealth bomber in broad daylight! i was in total shock watching them maneuver slowly and silently above some cornfields in my former stomping grounds of solano county, north san francisco bay area, california, usa. i was so shocked, it was breathtaking to watch, i was mesmerized, hyperventilated and had goose-bumps all over my body! when reviewing the photo in question i felt strangely mesmerized and had goose-bumps as well. thank you. hope you all find this all very interesting.

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Credit: MUFON

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