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Friday, March 24, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Tiffin, Ohio on 2017-03-24 02:02:00 - Long string of large lights above cloude cover first red then white for 20 min then gone .

I was watching tv and making cigarettes then i took unused tobacco in small dust pan out my front door to throw them out at approx. 2am . when i stepped back up on the porch i glanced to my left as i caught something bright above the clouds. first the light sort of twinkled red then they turned white the were a long horizontal line with a clear amount of space between them . at first i thought maybe a jet or air plane but it made no noise and it did not move there was a star farther right of to the south of it so i could clearly determine it was not moving from its position. at first i had no real reaction other than curiosity then i realized what ever it was it did not belong there . some tines i would lose sight of it due to clouds going under it and then i would see it. then i knew my wife had to see this so about 210 am i woke her up then she came out and we both looked at it with our 50 mm binoculars . still the whole time could not make ou a shape but by the size of the lights and the distance from the first to the last light it was the largest thing or my wife have ever seen in the sky and i have seen very large air craft when i was in the usmc .After 20 to 30 min. it just vanished . i watched for a long time but it was gone . some times the star is there but no lights . it is now 515 am and i still am looking . saw star between cloud break but no lights . to tell you the truth i did not call the sheriff because i did not want to sound like a quack so i looked you up on the internet i would be very interested to know if anybody else saw it or if it showed up on radar. i can,t believe this did not or would not show up on radar. i have always heard of people seeing the things and i try to keep an open mind about most things but i never in my wildest dream thought i would see one or my wife .Still not really under standing what we saw i just know it was something we have no explanation for. i just want to know what we saw?

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Credit: MUFON

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