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Saturday, March 4, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Troy, Michigan on 2017-02-02 19:11:00 - 2 kinds of ufo. very large fire-like light, the other composed of group of smaller lights around the rim of a dark craft.

I was leaving work to go to my second job when i noticed an oddly intense, firey bright light in the sky to the south east of me. i was standing on the north side of 14 mile, just east of john r rd, facing south. to the far west of me, i could see planes in the sky... with their blinking multicolored lights as expected... nothing unusual. but this abnormally placed fire orange/red light in the east sky, grabbed my attention... i couldn't stop staring at it when i first noticed it because it had struck me so odd ... the color, the size... and it's placement. i could visualize it in the distance , looking past/through the power lines draped along 14 mile rd,... it started off hovering in one spot and i questioned if it was just a close, bright planet? it was seen below the power lines, respectively to my observation angle, and when it started to accend strait up into the sky and was now persepectively far above the power lines within seconds...That's when i got my camera phone out and started recording. once it accended to around 50 degrees in the horizon, it stopped and hovered some more, before moving up again and towards the right (or slightly west and upward towards 90 degrees of the horizon) and appeared to shrink in size but remained intense like fire. then all of a sudden another huge intense fireball, as i witnessed it to be bigger than the first one, appeared about 30+ degrees to the horizon, just east of the first light i had seen (which was now higher and disappearing).... and by my viewing perspective, the second light had started to appear waaaay above the power lines, unlike the first. the second light appeared visually to be tearing through a black piece of paper (sky) or slipping through a slice or cut that had been made. the two lights projected light that shared this odd boundary between the two, as a warped rhomboid geometrical shape with curled corners ... it looked like the sky had been scraped with an orange paint with a strait edged paint knife, connecting the two lights. although the first light almost seemed to have a force field around it, giving it dark void of space around it, causing the "painted light/rhomboid" shape to bend around it. then i also noticed something else catch my eye as i was staring intensely at what i was witnessing... two.. possibly three other spacecraft , that carried multiple but dull lighting around its edge, 4-6 lights, would appear, disappear, hover and bounce back and forth, up and down in place, very unnatural flight pattern but consistency in shape , and appeared to be spinning in place in the sky.. almost like it was supervising the event that was taking place. i witnessed 3 total large fireball lights that night, 2 of which came through the "cut in the sky" and they all shrunk significantly in size before what appeared to shoot off quickly and disappear/disintegrate at another point at the other end of this "light/painted rhomboid" shape created by the light they were emitting. i was watching the event by recording with my phone, and i looked up to see it with my own eyes again, and i noticed i could no longer see them! these abnormous bright lights in the sky were invisible to the naked eye and i could only see them by watching through my camera phone , which was absurd! this wasn't a small planet or star like structure, it was very very very large and intensively bright. ok... so now i am super confused and i continue to take videos until i realize i am going to be late for my second job. when i left my second job around after 11pm, i only noticed one light in the sky... not crazy intense like before but it gave me a sense of insecurity, it made the hair rise up on my body like i had obtained an electrical charge. when i returned home, which is 30+ miles away from troy (notice i said miles... not minutes) i was given the impression it had followed me home. upon walking into my home it felt like it was just far above me about maybe 60 degrees in the horizon, no longer moving just stationary or hovering, just looking over my shoulder. i could not sleep that night, and i rightfully should have because i worked a 15 hour day. the next day when i got off work, i checked the sky to see if i could debunk what i saw the night before by witnessing the same repeating pattern, but did not see it again. i stayed for a few minutes longer to be sure...Made sure to watch the sky in the same exact direction and observation point, and yet there was nothing at all. i took videos and pictures to show all the lights and ufo in perspective of each other. one of the pictures i tried to enhance to make the shape i was seeing eternal the lights stand out more. i usually see these videos/pictures better when i am standing in a dark room, since the light from my phone or surrounding lights can often show a glare on my screen and hide the contrasting dark shades.

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Credit: MUFON

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