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Saturday, March 4, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Islamorada, Florida on 2015-02-10 22:01:00 - Witnessed a glowing aircraft object at night after work in fl keys by the water. hovered over me. flashed a few times, changed shape when it seems it noticed me. darted off in different direction and seemed to just vanish in thin air.

I was an island bartender at a boutique hotel in islamorada. i'm a miami native however we come down here often having a timeshare and a trailer down here. i worked outside on a small island bar on the water by myself. i closed at sunset, as the hotel is on the bayside (gulf of mexico)people stay for that. it was a long night so by the time my last guest had left it was around 10:30pm. we only had maybe 2-6 guests there at a time. i restocked, cleaned. took the umbrellas in, checked in to the front desk to chat for a bit, and went back to the island to grab my things. the night was beautiful, no clouds, the wind was still, the ocean was still as glass. i walked to one of our beach lounge chairs and laid back listening to the ocean and watching the night sky. perhaps 4 minutes into adjusting my chair and staring at the sky i see something i cannot explain. (mind you i am alone...The nearest person is veryyyyyy far from me. i am scared.)i have a lot of friends, family who are into the the sciences, hell i was even thrown into going to the nasa facility. (it was great) but nothing was this real. i was laying on my back at an angle...And this object, i don't know what else to call it, glided, flew, zoomed, from behind me to just above me over the water. it stopped. it was an oval/diamond glowing something...But it was pulsating in its brightness and color. it was so close to me. it was so close, i knew it wasn't anything but a holy smokes moment. i didn't hear any sound. it was just very deliberate in it's presence i felt. the color changed from more white but hints of purple and blue. it was above me for 5 to 6 seconds, changed to a different elongated shape and shot off to a southern direction. it almost looked like it broke up into maybe 2 parts vanishing. not in to the sky, but just vanishing into existence. it darted off a cpl yards and was gone. i still get goosebumps to writing this. it was something that i can never forget, it changed my beliefs.

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Credit: MUFON

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