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Thursday, March 9, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Kingman, Arizona on 2017-03-09 20:20:00 - First it looked like a star then it started squiggling in the sky to fast for the eye to track. we have incredible pictures. ( our pictures are simmular to the stephenville ufo photos. the way it move was just like the ufo in stephenville.) it lasted 5-7

At exactly 8pm thursday the 9th.We went to get in our car to go somewhere, my dad noticed a light that was dirty gold and seemed to be spinning on the bottom. while changing colors from red,to gold,to blue. i ran inside and got my dad's cell phone and he has a telescope app that take photos. we got about ten incredible photos of this object. my dad's cellphone is out of service and he can't sent me these photos for the next few days. my dad would like speak with somebody from this organization. you can reach him on this number. there is incredible detail in these photos. the second we began taking photos of this thing it started darting around like it knew we were watching. when my dad zoomed in so we could see it i began to feel scared. i'm only 9. and i'm typing this with my dad's help. please cont us.

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Credit: MUFON

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