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Saturday, April 1, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario on 2012-11-05 18:32:00 - 5 lights in a tight v formation. had a black outline and a shadowy body that looked black or dark.

It was a monday, november 5th, 2012 i had to take my little dog outside for his washroom time. it was about 6:25pm when i had gotten outside with him and while he was doing his business i was looking up at the stars to see how many satellite's i could count this time. i always love just looking up at the stars to just look for shooting stars or meteor's plus the satellite's too. when my dog had just started to act a bit weird right after he had finished his business i looked in the far horizon for no reason at all but thats when i saw the lights. at first it looked like just one big bright light but as it had gotten closer to us that is when i started to notice it was a couple of lights and yet a second later i noticed that it was exactly 5 lights with one at the front then 2 more behind it and then another 2 more behind them. it was a very tight v formation. i looked at my watch and it said exactly 6:32pm. the object had a dark shadowy outline to it which was much bigger in the shape of the samething like the lights just much much larger. i had taken out my phone to try to take a video of it but it didnt work. it was just all black but as the object had gone directly over top of us we could feel some heat which was weird as well. it only took the object about 10 seconds to go from the western horizon all the way to the eastern horizon. there was no sound but there was like this swoosh like the wind picked up. the lights were very bright when it went over us cause it lit up my entire area. it was very large, about the size of a football field and couldn't have been to high up cause i saw the outline of it too. i would say it was about 500 to maybe 800 feet up. i was still standing in the same spot the whole time, i was just on the south side of my garage beside my umbrella tree. when i first saw it i thought that it was a plane or helicopter cause they fly by all the time so i know what they look like and it wasn't those. well after it had flown by us i right away screamed out loud "did anybody see that, anybody at all. did anybody see those lights." i did say a few more words but it was some bad words which i was asked not to say on here. it was weird, like if time had stopped as it had flown by us and it felt different as if time really did stop for like 10 sec. cause after words i looked back at my watch and it had stopped completely. i still have my watch with that time and all but also nobody was around. nobody at all and no car noise or any kind of noise at all. once it had gone then my neighbors had just pulled up into there driveway and the same with a couple of other people were walking there dog just down my street but they said they didn't hear me scream. thats impossible cause when i screamed before people can always hear my voice down the street and this time i was even louder. i asked as many people like my neighbors did they see anything and everybody said no. that cant be either. very very strange to me at least. i ran inside of my house and told my wife and she just said ya right and laught at me. well i grabbed a piece of paper and a marker and went back outside where i was standing and started to write down and draw everything that i could remember. when i was running into my home i remember that i was so excited or possibly scared cause i had tears in my eyes and my heart was beating a million miles at a time. the first thing that made me really think what was that. was when i thought about how fast it was going cause it going as fast as i saw it, it would have made a sonic boom and nothing at all. this has been really bothering me for a long time and i've been trying to find out if anybody else had seen something that night as well. i even went to a local airport to ask them if they had seen anything weird on there radars but they never talked to me or gave me a straight answer. well something else that bothered me was that my dog had died in december, now i don't know if it had anything to do with him passing away but out of the blue he all of a sudden had gotten cancer in every organ of his body and he was only 5 years old. i found that to have been weird too but don't know if there's a connection. well i also know that after this had happened i always now look up and behind me all the time and i know that i will never ever see something like that ever again but i hope i do sometime just so that i know that there is something out there. well thats my story and i really hope that i can get an answer to this huge question of mine. did anybody else see something like this on monday november the 5th, 2012 @ 6:32pm. if so please contact mufon and let them know. thank you for listening and reading this. god bless and i hope that you see something as well

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Credit: MUFON

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