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Monday, April 10, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Texas on 1974-10-13 11:00:00 - Alien entities around area lots-seem to be romantic often

We were riding our bike around and we saw a man in the kitchen doing something. he once at least or maybe more threw the bean bag back at us. we threw it and it accidentally went on his porch -back porch and after that though it stayed on his porch! but we saw him. over us lived someone supposedly, but we never saw or heard anything! it's a ghost house -an alien house and on down one had his door open all time peeking out watching us ride by on our bike. we saw other human type alien people going to his house. they drove a car? it probably few though! it can fly surely because aliens do that all the time. saw him in there thru the fence and he had a mop on his back porch drying maybe - which isn't allowed. the people who had adopted then disowned us they put a mop on the back porch and said forget the rules. who wants a stinky mop drying in the house! but we just know he's an alien, too and we saw him. also, going to kindergarten and or wherever- we go then there's a ufo report of a flying saucer sighted the next day like where we had been. that happens a lot. it's like we were followed! so wherever we went ufo's and aliens would be sighted and follow along. it's reported in the news, radio and we heard about it and people tell us about it. they'd say oh we saw someone out back there. and you never see anyone around so it's weird and they talked on that. he just was tall and slim male in there is all we saw- short hair, plainly dressed. the bean bag we could have reached under his back fence and got it, but we didn't. it seems weird to do that, but it was there. aliens are kinda stand offish. it also may help it to look morel lived in there and add some personality to his porch. we threw it for the dog. it's easy to make a bean bag toy for dogs to play with. 2 pieces of fabric sewn together with some pinto beans inside to jingle or some kinda beans. we maybe had training wheels on the bike and we did pretty good riding around. we moved from there to seguin, tx after not being there too long. seems like we went to the beach again- if it is one and it is. we went to galveston beach! okay, there is a tornado each and every single time we ever went to the darn beach! so aliens may be doing it. a hurricane! probably was one then, too. it was 73' '74 and we were in kindgergarten and we once went to nasa's johnson space center- do not know if there was a hurricane then, too, but not everyone went that time and it seems like it was by the beach or it just looked similar. but if them people who adopted us went with us it'd be a hurricane and they quit going. there were later reports of a woman in california who was abducted. in the film her name was leslie- intruders a cbs mini-series special. strangely her house was just like ours kinda - very similar! there's the water in all the yard there- drainage ditch or near the water or something? we used to tell 'em when doing construction to leave the brooks that are the natural landscape. kinda like that water brooks - that's what they had where we lived. so we saw that was alike. so that is something. there was a crazy woman who we lived across the street from a while about a year before moving to houston we moved from by her. she was extremely extremely extremely heavily heavily heavily times 1 zillion involved in witchcraft she said always before moving and was gonna try to get out of it. well, she had voodoo dolls and a book of spells and killed her kids cats. she wasn't out of it it didn't look like. so it may have something to do with that or maybe not or just aliens want you to think it does. we moved and later they moved back there - into another house sold to them by aliens in the other town! no one had ever seen anyone out there until we moved in. into both houses there and later we moved into another alien house in that neighborhood. but maybe she got mad we moved back and she didn't like 'em maybe - they were weird of course they hated us kids and had a knife always there bout to attack us. so eventually they moved from there and they came over and then never again coz of the bad drunken fight new year's party. i mean they went over and there's no people around there coz it's all aliens. then their son got the knife he had out to kill us with all time and tried to kill him. they never came over again and that's why! eventually they figured that out kinda it seems. but he had got married to that woman and she said aliens abducted her, too and she felt some guys where she hung out were following her. that's the aliens and they owned the place. she had missing time and couldn't remember anything and was upset over it. she was a gold digger and got into tons of trouble doing it apparently and she never went round that boy no more after that party either. she had a kid with that man. she wanted his parents money. she wanted money! that may not be aliens, but she got the money and she went to that place they owned to hang out spending it and aliens followed her and abducted her also she moved into what she thought was a rich neighborhood (delusional!) and it's all aliens and they abducted her. it's pretty fancy! but she wasn't the rockefeller's! some there are the aliens! but it just seems she's far out and deluded thinking any brick home is rich rich rich! many small homes there as well as larger 80k 85k homes or whatever and you got higher stuff around! but she wasn't in the 250k house neighborhood. that man was a doctor and all- she didn't need that much money. now, she said she is a poor girl from a poor family and she's suppose to find a rich guy and get married. she said it's something she's seen on lots of tv shows and movies. it just seems those shows sell fantasies almost though. what rich guys? they are out there, but that's kinda weird! she arrainged the marriage like osama bin laden's first wife najwa bin laden when she was 13 and they were all doing this at the same time- same age. osama is like the guy -bit older than the girl arranging the whole thing. it's nothing to do wtih nothing, but it's just weird and stupid or something.

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