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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Stockholm, Stockholm County on 2017-04-10 09:00:00 - I went to mesmerism., and was stolen.

9 am i decided to wake up. i was between sleep and wakefulness. i could not wake up. i went in a state of involuntary sleep and consciousness. without to know what happened ,i found myself outside of home with a anonymous man but (mankind) with a kind of the carrier (like moped).He took me with him , i spoke with him a few times but he did not answer to me. it seemed he and i were mesmerized. by the way , i do not know why i was sitting on the vehicle contrary (my face was in front of the street). we arrived a non-urban area and we got a quiet way. it was a bit strange. because foliage of the trees was too close to the ground. and i was worried when we would passing there my face be injured. i talked with the man about my concerned and why this area is so? he did not answer me once again. suddenly, from that area we were by a by-way we entered into a street with two line drive to right that was one-sided. we were in the middle of the street , who first attracted me a strange plane with a glossy black surface and white under. it was without lights. when i saw it i referred to it by the hand, i said the man,'look what interesting and a new aircraft. he was still without attention. upon saying this sentence, that strange aircraft that was looks like a triangle at the speed of a blink it was over my head with hairbreadth. i unconsciously found myself defenseless. a powerful resource and a great deal of energy , electromagnetism and magnet conquered me. and then leaned my head and neck. i was incapable to look at the spacecraft. my hands were stretched involuntarily forward.I heard strange sounds at the same time , and i was looking at my hands. first they loaded to my left hand semi-curved shapes and math like with white color.They have taken other symptoms geometric from my right hand with red color like dna. work of loading and grabbing took some minutes.Then the sound of a great roar and non-typical power saw and heard.When they ended it with me, they said me with a sort of telling or telepathy to me we will come back again. and i felt that i am dead and fainted , but at the same time i felt in my whole body the yellow giant energy with shaking , and i heard a special strang sound that so far i have not heard like that. afterward my eyes opened and i was alive again.I was shocked. i thought that about my experience should not talk to anyone.I was in doubt until midnight. but i couldn't sleep. finally i said to my partner. later that day, every day a strange pain in the head and almost all of my body i have. i've never had headaches in my life. i feel a movement and liquid pain in my head and body, which is like an iron or something like that.

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Credit: MUFON

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